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It’s no secret you need specialists for some parts of your business. When you need to get your taxes done, you hire an accountant. When you need to get a contract written, you hire a lawyer. Yet, you’re still doing all your company’s hiring yourself.

That’s a shame. There are several benefits to partnering with a staffing firm to fulfill your hiring needs. You don’t need to lose control of your staffing process in order to see improvements. Staffing firms can compliment your current HR functions and unlock hidden potential in your business.

Here are five specific benefits to partnering with a staffing firm:

1. Maximize Flexibility

The key to maintaining profitability is being ready for the ebb and flow of the business cycle. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity by not having the capacity to take on surprise (or surprisingly big) orders. But you don’t want to find yourself overstaffed in slower times.

A staffing firm makes this flexibility easier. You can grow or shrink your staff as needed, making sure you are ready for anything.

2. Minimize Risk

Taking on new employees can open a lot of risk. There’s their salary, of course, but also all the benefits and other hidden costs. Then there’s the danger that a new hire won’t work out, leaving you to start the recruitment process all over again, already out of a lot of time and money.

You can put off hiring by paying expensive overtime. Or you can use a staffing firm to fill in your additional capacity. This allows you to try out a worker without the commitment or expense that goes into bringing on a full-timer.

3. Focus on the Long Term

It’s easy to decide to spend time setting up a long-term strategy and moving the necessary chess pieces to prepare for what business will look like years down the road. But try finding time to actually sit down and plan.

Just keeping your current business humming is more than a full-time job. So why not offload some of that responsibility to a trusted partner?

Using a staffing agency allows you to spend more time looking ahead. Allow them to help with recruiting and some of your near-term production worries, opening you up for more long-range projects.

4. New Recruitment Tools

Let’s face it, every time you go to hire, you do it the same way. It’s hard enough finding the time to keep staff levels right and run the day-to-day business. Launching a complete revamp of the hiring process would never get done, even if you were convinced it was the right thing to do.

Staffing firms recruit and hire full time. By using them to help fill some of your employment needs, you open yourself up to the cutting edge of the industry. They provide the latest techniques, utilizing the newest technology to find just the right hire for you.

5. Ease of Mind

Why worry about everything? The best thing about finding a long-term partner you can trust: the psychological benefit. You have enough to keep you up at night, without worrying what you’re going to do if someone calls in sick. Using a staffing firm will alleviate those concerns.

Partner With PrideStaff Bend

If you have more questions about the benefits of a staffing firm, the best thing to do is go to the source. Contact Central Oregon’s top recruiting agency, PrideStaff Bend, to learn the ways they can help your business.


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