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More and more, LinkedIn profiles (and profiles on other specialized social media outlets) are becoming the public faces of our careers. When we’re looking for a job, they obviously serve as the best place to introduce ourselves to prospective employers. But even when we have a steady position, they become the first stop for co-workers, collaborators and potential networking partners to get to know us.

That’s why it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. You can never tell who will look you up and what unexpected opportunities they can unlock.

With this in mind, you want to be confident that people take away the best possible opinion of your skills and competence, especially in the accounting and finance fields. Here’s a list of five key finance and accounting topics to include on your LinkedIn page:

Formal Accounting Certificates

This may seem obvious, but the obvious is sometimes the most easily missed. If you hold any formal accounting or finance certifications, those should get prominent play on your LinkedIn page. Let perspective employers know if you hold things like a CPA, a CMA or a CFP. These are prerequisites for some positions and you may not get a second look if they aren’t listed.

Communication Skills

Accounting and finance are all about numbers, right? Well, yes and no. Having chops with dollars and cents gets you in the door, but it’s not enough to score a top-level position.

You can’t just work with numbers; you need to be able to talk about numbers. Moreover, you’re going to have to talk about numbers with people who don’t know anything about them. Accounting and finance topics can get dry and esoteric very fast. Someone who can bring those topics to life and effectively communicate about them will be in high demand.

Financial Reporting

Demonstrated skills in financial reporting are key to securing a number of positions. Beyond that, they are relatively rare among the general population of accountants and financial professionals. Having these listed on your LinkedIn profile opens the door to many positions. And even for those openings where financial reporting isn’t strictly necessary, having the skills in your background provides a differentiator from the rest of the competition.

Software Skills

Whatever your particular accounting or finance specialty, most of your day-to-day work will likely take place on a computer. The more relevant software skills you have, the more attractive you will be to a prospective employer. List any software you are familiar with, even if it seems obvious (go ahead and put down Excel – you’d be surprised).

Management Experience

Your ultimate goal is to move up the ladder. Any job you get will be a first step. Oftentimes, that’s not just your goal, it’s going to be your employer’s goal as well.

When someone hires you, they want you to be there for the long haul. They are looking for people who can become leaders in their organizations. Listing management experience can spark significant interest, even if the current position you’re being considered for isn’t in management. Employers like seeing proof of leadership skills either way.

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