When you’re out of work, any opportunity can seem enticing. You’re constantly throwing out resumes and taking every interview you can. Any sign of interest is welcome.

But not all opportunities are created equal. Some positions are life-changing roads to a better career. Others are just a path of frustration and wasted time. The earlier you can tell the difference, the better off you’ll be. But how do you do that?

Here are four ways to tell that job you applied for might be too good to be true:

Inconsistencies Come up in the Hiring Process

The job posting gives one salary range; a different one gets mentioned at the interview. They won’t specify a work schedule. There seems to be tension or disagreement between the people you’re communicating with during the recruitment process. These little inconsistencies and small-scale communication snafus can add up to a big warning sign.

Almost any process will have some hiccups. One or even a few tiny inconveniences or unexpected road bumps shouldn’t dissuade you from taking a job that otherwise looks good. But when the issues start piling up, or if any one of the issues equates to a deal breaker for you, it’s best to bow out of the running for that position and focus on other opportunities.

The Company Has a Bad Reputation (Or No Reputation)

We live in a world of big data. Vast information about everything exists on the internet. This can be a source of worry – potential employers can scroll through your social media accounts and find those pictures you posted at that college tailgate party.

But it can also work in your favor.

Do some research about the company. Sites like Glassdoor include employee reviews. If these paint an alarming picture, then be alarmed.

Also, if you can’t find anything about the company at all, that is also a red flag. All companies begin somewhere. If the prospect of working at a startup excites you, you might not end up working at a place with a well-documented reputation. But most places will leave some trail you can track down. Ones that don’t might not be that secure.

You’re Just a Warm Body

Ideally, a company should be just as excited about you joining as you are about joining them. It’s like a relationship. Those early days should feel filled with mutual attraction and excitement (though you don’t need to stay on the phone with HR until late in the evening, saying to each other “no, you hang up first…no, YOU hang up first”).

But sometimes, large organizations or companies expanding at a fast pace just need bodies. You aren’t special to them. You just meet some minimum requirements and they can slot you into a prefab role.

Sometimes you just need a paycheck. Or a position to fill out your resume, a stepping stone for something better down the line. In those cases, a “warm body” kind of assignment might be acceptable. But don’t get locked in if you’re hoping for something more.

You Aren’t Excited About the Opportunity

This is the simplest test: What’s your gut reaction to the job? If you get the position, it will occupy most of your life for the foreseeable future … at least eight hours a day, every weekday. A situation as potentially engrossing as that shouldn’t start off seeming like a drag. Ideally, you should go into the situation energized and excited.

Again, you might just need the job. Not every work situation is an adrenaline-inducing adventure. But if something is holding you back, take that instinct seriously and consider your long-term opportunities.

Find the Right Job Today

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