Turning to a staffing agency often represents a job seeker’s last resort. They hold out as long as they can. They run through all the dead ends and disappointments; then, in desperation, turn to a professional to help them find a position.

Why do they wait so long?

Usually, it’s the result of some misconceptions. There are some common myths about staffing agencies that keep job seekers from getting the kind of assistance that can streamline their careers. Here are four of the most common untrue assumptions about staffing agencies that scare people off:

I’m Going to Be on the Temp Treadmill Forever

People assume a staffing agency can only find people short-term assignments. They expect to get day work, or maybe a few weeks at a place that has someone sick or a big project coming up.

In fact, staffing agencies receive all types of work orders. If you want a more nomadic life (the short-term assignments) and to keep your schedule open, they can accommodate. But there’s also ample opportunity for long-term or temp-to-hire assignments.

Be upfront about your hopes and expectations and the staffing agency will keep your needs in mind.

I’m Losing Money by Going to a Staffing Agency

A common expectation is going through a staffing agency will cost you money; you’ll either have to pay some upfront fee or the staffing firm will take some portion of your wages.

Of course, you should always be wary and understand every aspect of your relationship with a firm. But staffing agencies are paid by the firms looking for employees. For companies, this saves them the expense of running the job searches on their own and saves their executives time and effort. It makes it well worth the company’s outlay to get a good employee.

I’m Only Going to Get Offered Entry-Level Jobs

Twelve-year-olds probably don’t look starry-eyed at their ceilings late and night and dream of one-day working gigs provided by a staffing agency. We’ll concede that. But the idea that every staffing position is an anonymous data-entry job or a back-breaking, low-end factory assignment is just as far from reality.

Companies use staffing agencies for all sorts of assignments. Whether it is bookkeepers or office staff or skilled factory employees or any sort of miscellaneous worker that helps the firm get the job done.

Again, the key to getting the type of assignment you want comes from an honest discussion with your staffing agency. Make sure they know your goals and they’ll be happy to help you reach those milestones.

I’ll End up a Faceless Bundle of Keywords

No one wants to be name in a computer. Like on an overcrowded online dating site, or the late rounds of a fantasy football draft.

That’s how people assume a staffing agency works – just an algorithm that matches resume-listed skills with a company’s need, then checks availability and wage range. Beep-boop-beep. A match is made.

In fact, the process is much more personal. A good staffing agency will talk to you, listen to your preferences, vet your skills and work to get you the perfect assignment. If you’re happy, you’ll be a better worker and you’re more likely to stick around for future assignments. It’s in their best interests to give you the right amount of personal touch.

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