A lot of families have the same Thanksgiving tradition. They go around the table and everyone lists at least one thing they are thankful for. For you, the phrase “good employees” could get mentioned every year.

Efficient and reliable workers make everything easier. When you complete a project or beat your production quotas, it’s because your employees made it possible.

You are infinitely thankful for them. But this can be an awkward sentiment to express. Below are five ways to tell your employees you are thankful for them.

Just Say It

It’s amazing how simple solutions sometimes elude us. Want to thank your employees? Then say, “Thank you.” Stop work for a few minutes and let people know you appreciate them.

The results might barely register in the moment. They might seem like they barely heard you. You might see a few people roll their eyes. But it’s still worth saying.

Make It Personal

Part of the reason a generic “thank you” doesn’t always land well is that it can come off as insincere. People can see through a message that comes off as “thank you for all you do, whoever you are.”

To avoid this, individualize the sentiment. Instead of speaking to the employees as a group, pull them aside as individuals and tell them the specific reasons you are thankful for them personally.

Give a Gift or Bonus

Nothing says appreciation like a check. It may sound crass, but the relationship between employee and employer is ultimately financial in nature. It’s not the way you’d show appreciation to a friend or relative. But companies can say “thank you” with cash.

If your employees have helped you have a good year, spread some of the wealth around with a bonus. If there’s not enough to make a cash bonus meaningful, buy smaller presents instead.

Have a Party

You might not have enough in the budget for a bonus for everyone, but you can still spend a little money to show you care. Get everyone together for a “thank you” party. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. It could just be a trip to happy hour on you. It just gives a chance to show they matter to you.

A get together has the added benefit of building morale and team spirit. The party might add to productivity in the long run.

Bring a Treat

Or you could bring the party to them. Surprise them with pizza or donuts – a little gesture that shows you notice them. You could also go to the next level, a step beyond food in a box. Have a catered lunch from a popular restaurant. Or bring in some food trucks or set up a BBQ outside. Or, if you’re showing appreciation near Thanksgiving, you could go with a full turkey lunch with all the trimmings.

Find the Right Employees to Thank

Having to think of a way to thank your employees is a nice problem to have. It means you have good employees to start with. The best way to get good employees? Work with a good recruiter. PrideStaff can help you find the kind of workers you’ll be thankful for. Contact our staffing specialists today to find out more.

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