It can be a strange and awkward relationship. You see each other every day. You know almost everything about each other’s hobbies and personality quirks, but you’re not really friends. Sometimes your adversaries and you almost never have a meaningful two-way dialogue.

It can be even harder in an industry like biotech. It’s a highly specialized field, led by managers with intimidating levels of education and a daunting skill set.

In a stereotypical setup, most of the communication with your boss goes one way. They tell you what to work on and you work on it. However, by building a more meaningful rapport, you can create a richer, and ultimately more rewarding, work experience.

Moreover, biotech is a close-knit world. Getting your boss on your side can open doors down the way, both at your current company and at any future opportunities that come up. Your boss can teach you more about the industry and provide a valuable resource (and reference) even if you move on.

Here are three conversations to have with your boss from time to time:

Your Boss’s Expectations

Typically, people avoid talking to their bosses. They put their heads down and do what they’re told.

As such, encouraging a conversation about your boss’s expectations may seem dangerous. Just thinking about it might be enough to induce flop sweats. After all, you’re basically inviting criticism. But ultimately, it will help you perform better and build a better relationship with the boss.

Simply by asking for more details about their expectations, you’ll show them you are interested in improving and doing the best possible job. Plus, you might learn some long-term information that can shape your decision making as things progress. And you make the act of talking to your boss less scary next time.


The Company’s Goals

Your boss is a conduit to the rest of the company. Most of the directives and policies are decided elsewhere and flow through your boss to you and your co-workers. Besides rumors and casual conversations around the coffee machines, you don’t have much contact with the corporate decision-making apparatus outside your team.

Other divisions are like a foreign country. Your boss is their ambassador. This can be key in a fast-moving industry like biotech, where mergers and buyouts are frequent, and the financial viability of the company can change suddenly.

Finding out about general company goals can help you shape your career. Also, knowing about the company’s prospects can clue you in on whether you can plan to stick around for the long haul or if it might be time to start looking around for another opportunity.

Your Personal Ambitions

It may seem like your boss won’t care. Sometimes that’s true. A bad boss doesn’t see you as a person, only as an instrument with which to complete work.

But a good boss is interested in the whole package. They know that the best way to draw out a stellar performance is to help you achieve your personal goals. By getting you invested in doing a good job, the team can accomplish more, as well.

The boss might also keep your personal situation in mind when making decisions that affect you. Going to night school? Your boss might stop asking you to work late. Taking care of a sick relative? Your boss might be able to offer some work-at-home options you didn’t know existed.

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