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Go to the gym. Eat fewer carbs. Spend more time with family. Oh, and make more money and finally get your career on track.

All of it falls into the classic easier-said-than-done category. The key is to avoid general resolutions and map out specific actions you can take to get going in the right direction.

Here’s a look at eight simple steps you can take in the new year to jump-start your career:

Try Something New

Don’t expect to find much traction with a resume that reads, basically, “I did the same thing every day for 15 years until the company got bought out and the new owners laid me off.” Keep expanding your competencies. Seek out assignments outside your comfort zone. Adding these additional experiences will prove invaluable when it’s time to find a new opportunity.

Talk to Management More Often

It’s tempting to keep your head down and avoid any contact with the bosses. This might reduce near-term hassle, but it doesn’t do much for your long-term prospects. You want management to know your name (for the right reasons, at least). So, don’t bury yourself in anonymous busy work. Talk to the people above you to find out what you can do to drive your career forward.

Learn a New Technology

The number of programs used in the workplace have proliferated in recent years. Gone are the days when familiarity with Word and Excel were an acceptable baseline of technological acumen.

Make sure to stay up to date with the current landscape. Even seemingly frivolous apps like Instagram and Snapchat might lead to an opportunity in a social media-starved company looking to expand its online marketing presence.

Update Your Long-Term Plan

Keep your eyes on the horizon. Year-end resolutions present a good opportunity to take stock of what you really want out of your career. It’s easy to get invested in your day-to-day accomplishments and lose sight of longer-term plans. Rectify that by revisiting your overall career goals and make sure you are still on the best path for you.

Think About Retirement (Really This Time)

Every year, you promise you’ll start saving more for retirement. Every year, other things get in the way. Don’t let it go another year. Get serious about retirement planning, so you don’t literally have to work forever.

Expand Your Network

You know what everyone says: “Networking is the key to getting career opportunities.” That’s fine in theory, but in practice, talking to people and meeting new contacts is intimidating. Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to get over it. Make a commitment to meeting at least one new career contact a month in the new year.

Update (Or Clean Up) Your Social Media Presence

If you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on a great sales tool for career advancement. And if you are on social media, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Review the kind of stuff you’re posting and decide whether it’s helping or hurting your chances to land that next position.

Get the Right Help

Don’t go it alone. Teaming up with a recruiting firm can help move your career to the next level. PrideStaff can steer you to the perfect opportunity. Contact our Oregon staffing specialists today to find out more.


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