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The end of the year represents a time of optimism and a time of reflection. Optimism for the year ahead (hey, at least 2019 isn’t an election year). And reflection to the year gone by (bright spots: Avengers: Infinity Wars; the Olympics…dark spots: well, no need to bring up those).

In looking back, it’s important to take stock of what we’ve learned. That’s true generally but can become particularly pointed when it comes to job-related knowledge.

Careers are long, but opportunities can be scarce. Being able to find the right situations (and being ready for them when they come) can have long-lasting implications. With that in mind, here are the five top pieces of job advice posted on PrideStaff Bend over the last year:

1. How Your Social Media Presence Could Be Affecting Your Job Search

First just a way to share selfies and make fun of celebrities, social media has become a key aspect of how we communicate with each other. This includes the business world.

Are your posts appropriate for work? Are you doing enough to promote yourself? Should you go back through your old posts and do some clean up?

Like it or not, everyone is now a brand. As such, you need to keep your professional life in mind when posting.

2. Five Accounting / Finance Skills That Need to Be Listed on Your LinkedIn

Speaking of selling yourself online … LinkedIn is the first stop when prospective employers do their due diligence on candidates. As such, you want to highlight as many skills as you can.

This post lays out the most important items to include in your LinkedIn profile, from your formal accounting accomplishments to softer skills, like communication and leadership.

3. Do’s and Don’ts of Your Finance Job Search

Finding a position in the finance industry requires more finesse than a general job search. It’s a specialized field, leading to some particular dos and don’ts.

Key themes include knowing as much as possible about the companies you are applying to and customizing your pitch to the needs of those specific organizations. A targeted approach can help you stand out in a crowded field.

4. Red Flags That You Might Not Actually Want The Job You Applied For

People tend to default to a shotgun approach to job opportunities. They apply to anything that seems at all promising, figuring they’ll sort out their options later, if they get further along in the hiring process.

Okay, so now you’ve scored an interview for a job you don’t quite remember applying for. How do you know if you still want it? From concerns surrounding the company to warning signs about the position itself, this post lays out the potential red flags you should look for better opportunities elsewhere.

5. The Frightening Misconceptions About Working With a Staffing Agency

A cavalcade of misconceptions keeps people from contacting staffing agencies, despite the obvious benefits to their careers. Job seekers worry they’ll be trapped in temp purgatory for the rest of their careers, or they get confused about the economics of the staffing industry (concerned that recruiters end up taking money out of their paychecks).

But as the post highlights, these misunderstandings keep candidates from an important avenue to exciting opportunities.

And if the article isn’t enough to convince you, talk to the expert staff at PrideStaff. They have the insight necessary to maximize your career options. They will lay out the benefits you can get from partnering with a top-flight staffing firm.


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