Tradition used to dictate that Christmas decorations stayed in the attic until at least after Thanksgiving. Now, it’s not unusual to bring them out right after Halloween, with stores immediately swapping witches and ghosts for candy canes and Santas.

Point being, it’s never too early to look ahead. This is especially true when it comes to hiring. Keeping up with the latest trends can make the difference between landing the best candidates and getting stuck with the also-rans.

With that in mind, here’s an early glimpse at some of the hiring tendencies that will likely dominate 2019:

Ongoing Training

The workplace continues to change at breakneck speeds. What was considered standard just a couple of years ago quickly becomes quaint, and then almost embarrassingly outdated. Keeping up with these changes will continue to mark the new year.

Both job employees and employers need to stay current with the gold standard of industry practice. This will involve an ongoing, perhaps even continuous, process of training.

Retainment vs. Recruitment

The unemployment rate has hit multidecade lows in 2018. Many of these positions are gig-economy contracts and not long-term commitments. This makes employees increasingly mobile and gives the highest skilled workers some incentive to move around.

Retaining good workers will become increasingly important in the new year. Companies will have a hard time recruiting good talent from the small pool of unemployed and will concentrate on keeping the good employees they have.

Further Growth in Gig Economy

As noted above, the workforce has become increasingly mobile. Companies have leveraged this impermanence to lower employee costs, forgoing additional full-time positions for temp or part-time workers, who require fewer benefits and less long-term commitment.

All signs point to this trend intensifying in the new year. There is a cost, though. The lack of stability makes recruitment an almost constant task. Companies will be forced to deal with an increased churn of contract workers, who will quickly seek out better opportunities as they come up.

More Niche Technology Skills

It used to be that learning a few Microsoft programs was all the tech the average worker needed. Now, a proliferation of specialized tech has made it necessary to expand even the basic tool chest.

Meanwhile, Swiss army knife-type employees have become increasingly valuable. Businesses that can find people with basic competence in a broad range of programs, will find life much easier. They can then slot people into projects as necessity dictates, or be forced to seek out specialists in particular tasks

Employer Reputation Becomes Increasingly Important

The internal workings of a company used to be rather opaque. Former employees might grumble to friends about terrible policies, but for the most part, there was no avenue for potential candidates to find out about those hidden frustrations until it was too late.

Sites like Glassdoor and other online resources, have changed this landscape. It’s much easier now for potential employees to find out about the day-to-day experience of working for a company, or even the experience of applying for a position there.

With this in mind, companies are thinking more about their employer brand, applying the same kind of care they have always aimed at consumers to make themselves more appealing to high-level candidates. This process will only become more important and more structuralized in 2019.

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