Developing a reputation as the “go-to” person in your office comes with a lot of benefits. It can also mean a lot of extra work, but the added assignments represent an investment in your career development.

The “go-to” status means you have a high profile among your colleagues. It can mean additional respect. It also helps your position with management, putting you in line for additional promotions and bonuses.

Longer term, developing a reputation as a problem solver and a high achiever brings you the opportunity to pad your resume with meaningful experiences. You can leverage these if you decide to move on to another position.

But how do you attain the coveted “go-to” designation? How do you become the first-stop person for problem-solving?

Use these six steps to make it happen.


The first step to becoming a “go-to” office savior: People knowing you exist. Get to know your co-workers. Build relationships.

Having a strong network within your company works like word-of-mouth advertising. If people start asking around for someone trustworthy and competent, your name will start to come up.


To build a reputation, you need to rack up achievements. But how do you get the opportunities without the reputation?

Well, you have to create them for yourself. Volunteer for all the assignments you can. Look for things that need to get done and nominate yourself as the person to get them done.

Take Assignments to the Next Level

When people search for a “go-to” employee, they aren’t looking for someone who’s going to put in the minimum required work and then head home early. They are looking for someone who will impress.

When you’re given a project, invest extra time in making the product stellar. Take it to the next level. Inject it with as much creativity as you can muster, so that people remember what you did and let others know what a great job you did.

Stay Calm

Your output is a key component to building a “go-to” reputation. But your vibe at the workplace is equally as important. You’re not likely to get assigned many key projects if you get visibly frazzled by difficult tasks, snap at co-workers, and generally end up making a scene.

In all situations, display a calm, collected demeanor (even if you don’t feel very calm or collected at the time). It will help cement your growing workplace legend.

Keep Learning

A broad knowledge base will make you indispensable. If you want people to seek you out for advice, make sure you know what to tell them.

Stay informed about where your company is headed and develop the skills it will need for the future.

Become a Leader

Don’t hang back. Don’t become just one member of a team. Look for ways to take charge.

Even on relatively unimportant projects, seek out leadership positions. It will give you a great experience and will allow you to develop a reputation as someone who can get things done.

Developing a “go-to” reputation can drive your long-term career advancement. Once you’ve picked up additional skills and built up a strong skill set, put them into action by partnering with a strong recruiting partner.

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