Rewind from the moment when you hire that perfect employee. Move back through their impressive interview, through reading their stellar resume, all the way to the point when the process started.

What kicked everything off? What’s the event that led to you getting the opportunity to hire such a first-rate candidate?

The answer: the applicant clicking on your job posting.

You can’t hire first-rate talent if you don’t have access to first-rate talent. A perfectly calibrated hiring process won’t get you anywhere if your job description doesn’t inspire exceptional candidates to click on it.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most engagement from your job descriptions:

Get Feedback From Current Employees

Start the process of crafting the job description by consulting your current employees. They do the job day to day, giving them significant insights into the job’s benefits and drawbacks. Your current staff can provide the best road map on how to sell the position to others.

Think About the Job Title

Companies often put little thought into job titles. They are often generic and dull. Internally, that might not matter. But, in terms of job descriptions for recruiting purposes, job titles present a key selling tool.

The job title acts like the headline for a news article. You don’t necessarily want a “click bait” version, but a little panache can go a long way in presenting something that prospective employees might respond to.

Give a Pithy Summary of the Position

Once upon a time, job postings went into newspapers, where companies had to pay by the word. For that reason, postings tended to be short, catchy and to the point.

Nowadays, when internet postings make up a significant portion of market, there are no word limits. So companies go on. And on. And on.

Listing detailed bullet points about the position’s responsibilities makes sense. But take some lessons from the old days. Start off with a pithy introduction giving an overview of the position.

Describe Your Culture

Go beyond the description of the specific job and make a pitch for your company culture as a whole. People want to work at a company where they feel safe and can expand their skills.

Let potential applicants know you provide that type of experience. Provide a mission statement outlining your corporate goals.

Don’t Oversell the Position

We talked about click bait before. Don’t let your attempts to sell the position turn into hype.

The proliferation of hype on the internet has made people defensive about overstatement. If you try to oversell the benefits of your company or the appeal of the position, you’re less likely to inspire a click and more likely to initiate an eye roll.

Present the Long View

Don’t just sell the present. Sell the future as well. People aren’t just looking for jobs. They are looking for career advancement and long-term opportunity.

If you want to increase engagement, highlight the enduring value of the position. Focus on an employee’s ability to learn skills and develop experiences. Also, make sure people know that they can advance within the company.

Bringing in the right candidates makes the hiring process easier and more productive. A strong recruiting partner can make this possible, maximizing your ability to bring in effective talent. Contact the top recruiters at PrideStaff today for more information.

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