Any resume comes with a long list of measurable accomplishments. Bullet points detailing the degrees received. A list enumerating professional certifications. A litany detailing skill proficiencies and technological competencies.

But those skills usually aren’t enough to secure a position. Every candidate probably has the basic skills to adequately fill the available position. To get the job, you have to go further than these bare-bones abilities.

When companies are making their selections, the competition often comes down to more intangible skills. These are softer capabilities that help separate you from the pack and, ultimately, land the position.


Companies view an interest in learning and the ability to pick up new skills as crucial for long-term success. Procedures and technology change over time, and you’ll need to adapt in order to keep up.

A diversity of experiences on your resume will help clue potential employers into your innate curiosity. Also, find ways to signal curiosity during your interview. Ask questions during the meeting and show interest in a range of topics.

Work Ethic

Impeccable qualifications and a broad skill set don’t help a company if you’re not willing to use them. When a deadline is approaching or when a project needs an extra jolt, companies want to know that you’ll be willing to put in the additional work necessary.

When you interview, stress your strong work ethic. Have specific examples of times you applied notable industriousness.


Companies aren’t just hiring for the positions they currently have open. They are looking for people who can develop over time and become long-term assets. In short, they are hiring for the future.

As such, they are looking for people who can grow within the company, eventually moving into managerial roles. Highlight leadership positions on your resume and bring them up in your interview. Even if you don’t have formal managerial positions, include more informal situations – times you led a project or were designated team leader.

Team Work

Most of the work in a corporate environment involves some level of team work. As such, companies deeply value the ability to communicate well and work constructively with other people.

A talent for improving workplace chemistry will make you an attractive hire.

Positive Attitude

Showing an upbeat, energetic attitude goes a long way in impressing a potential employer. A positive mood promotes a light workplace vibe and signals sustainable productivity.

The interview will be the best place to showcase your buoyant demeanor. It can be hard to maintain your cheerful energy when faced with a sterile conference room setting and a seemingly indifferent interviewer. But showing off a go-getter mentality might ultimately secure you the position.

Highlighting your more intangible qualities can be a subtle art. Companies seek out these crucial abilities, but the dry format of a typical resume doesn’t give much space to put them in the forefront.

You can benefit from having an experienced professional review your resume and add ways to signal your subtler skills. PrideStaff can help you give employers a more complete picture of your abilities, as well as placing you in situations where you can use your talents most effectively.

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