The big news: You got the interview at your dream biotech firm. The catch: The interview takes place in a couple of hours.

Uh oh. Your big chance to cement a position in an exciting, growing industry, and you have to rush into it. No time for your usual deep-dive into every pertinent detail of the position. No chance to center your thinking and hone your pitch. You have to get ready, go in and nail the interview without the usual round of painstaking preparation.

But don’t panic. Even on a short schedule, it’s possible to cram in some studying. The key is to strip down the process and focus on key areas. Here are a few topics of emphasis to prepare for your last-minute biotech interview:

Confirm Interview Details

First step: Make sure you get all the pertinent information about the interview. Since the timeline is constructed, you might not get another chance to confirm specifics. So, find out where you’re going and when you should be there, along with any other particulars you might need to know (parking, security precautions, etc.).

Ask About Company Dress Code

Some industries have a relatively predictable dress code. Interviewing at a Wall Street bank? Better dress up. Going to a Silicon Valley-style tech startup? You can probably assume a casual atmosphere.

Conceptually, biotech firms split the difference between these stereotypes. They have aspects of a startup, but many of their founders and employees are established professionals with advanced degrees. It’s hard to predict which way a company will lean. Better to ask.

Know the Lingo

Biotech is a highly specialized field. Expect lots of jargon and precise terminology. You probably won’t get by referring to the “thingamajig” that does the “whatsit.”

Quickly go over the subject matter with the time you have. That way you can at least follow the discussion during the interview. If you make it to the next stage, you can do a deep dive into the terminology later.

Research the Company

Beyond the general industry basics, look into the company with which you are interviewing. Know their product. Learn about the company’s history and founders. Search social media for specifics about their culture and their mission.

Many biotech firms have inspirational goals (curing diseases, improving life outcomes, etc.). Tapping into these will get you excited about the opportunity, an attitude which should invigorate the interview.

Seem Calm (Even If You Don’t Feel It)

A last-minute Interview can inspire panic. No matter how fast your heart rate gets as you hustle to the company’s headquarters, make sure you walk into the meeting fresh and calm.

Even with a time crunch, try to get there a little early. Take as much time as you can to stop in the restroom and freshen up – make sure your hair isn’t tangled and your clothes are on straight. Wipe your brow, say an aphorism to yourself in the mirror and walk into the interview with confidence and self-assurance.

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