Months of grinding – long hours, bad food, little exercise and a dangerous lack of sleep, human contact and natural light – have come to an end. Tax season is over. Your free time is your own again (at least relatively speaking).

What are you going to do with it?

Here are eight suggestions to blow off some steam now that the horrors of tax season are over (for this year, at least):


It may seem like more work, a late-blooming New Year’s resolution rather than a relaxing activity. But getting your body moving provides a great way to relieve stress and shake off some of the knots that developed over the weeks you spent huddled at your desk.

Get Outside

You probably spent the bulk of tax season inside, slowly getting irradiated by the unnatural indoor light. Time for some good, wholesome sunlight. Plus, the end of tax season means spring has been here for a few weeks already. Time to enjoy the improving weather.

Catch a Ballgame

Speaking of spring … April traditionally marks the start of baseball season. You might prefer football, but that season’s over. You might prefer basketball or even hockey. Do really want to spend more time inside?

You don’t have to shell out for major league ticket. Check out your local minor league team or go to your kids’ little league or softball field. It’s just an excuse to sit outside in a nice environment!

Reconnect with Your Family

Who are those strangers living in your house? The ones you’ve nodded at in passing in your endless work-to-home office cycle you’ve been on over the last few weeks.

Time to remember what really matters. Spend time with the family, with everyone putting down their devices and making some real memories.

Get a Delicious Meal

You’ve probably survived the last couple months on fast food, desk-eaten sandwiches and protein bars. Time to tickle those tastebuds again. Whether it’s a home-cooked feast or your favorite restaurant (with tablecloths), treat yourself to a special meal.

Get to Know Your Co-Workers (As Human Beings)

You aren’t a tax-preparation machine that happens to sneeze once in a while. Neither are all those nice people working around you. Now that the time crunch of tax season has passed, it’s your chance to spend a little quality time with your co-workers.

Work from Home for a Few Days

The end of tax season doesn’t mean all work disappears. But you can take your foot off the gas a bit. Get a change of scenery by working from home for a few days. You can still be productive, but with your slippers on and some Taylor Swift blaring in the background.

Take a Vacation

The best getaway is to, well … get away. After the hectic schedule you’ve endured over the last few weeks, you’ve earned the right for a little time off. Pick your dream location – be it beach paradise, foreign excursion or big-city adventure. After all, next tax season is less than a year away.

The hard work of tax season becomes more tolerable when you love the company you work for. Finding the right place eases the annual sacrifice of health and home. Find that perfect position with PrideStaff. Contact us today to find out how our staffing services can put you in the ideal situation for your long-term career needs.

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