Ah, summer. Longer days. A flood of vacation requests. Waiting a week for customers to respond to your emails. And the big chance to show off your patriotic spirit.

Depending on your business, you might already give your employees a holiday on Independence Day. But you can go further in setting the mood. Here are five activities you and your team can do to stir the patriotic spirit on the Fourth of July:

Decorate the Office

You want to recognize the holiday, but you don’t have the budget for a big affair. You can still get into the spirit with some decorations. Put up some American flags, or raise a red, white and blue banner. A few well-placed items can add an upbeat, holiday vibe, even if you can’t go much further in terms of recognizing the holiday.

Or, open it up to your employees. Let them decorate their own workspaces or create a contest for the most patriotic wardrobe choice on a particular day near July Fourth.

Company Picnic

Nothing says Fourth of July more than getting together and eating some grilled meat. The nice thing about an Independence Day picnic is it doesn’t have to be a formal affair. You just need a spot at a local park, some hot dogs, hamburgers, (maybe a vegetarian option), some sides and toppings, along with plenty of cool drinks.

Add in your standard picnic games, and you’ve got a makeshift team-building event. Who knows what productivity advances a good three-legged race can unlock?


We said before that nothing said the Fourth like grilled meat. We amend that claim: Nothing says the Fourth of July like a fireworks display.

If you want to go all-out, you could sponsor your own fireworks. But even if that’s beyond your budget (or you’re squeamish about being responsible for blowing stuff up), you can incorporate someone else’s show into your celebration.

If you’re hosting a picnic, find a place near a local fireworks presentation. Or simply organize an outing to a beach or park where your team can watch the rockets’ red glare.

Take Them out to the Ball Game

Summer doesn’t just mean increased air conditioning costs and decorations that look like Old Glory. It also means baseball. And what’s more American than a trip to the ballpark (besides blowing up rockets or eating grilled meat)?

Organize a trip to a local ballpark. It gets everyone together, without forcing you to deal with the logistics that go into picnic-planning. If you pick the right ballpark on the right evening, you might even get the fireworks thrown in for free!

Extra Days Off

Let’s face it. Your employees might enjoy spending a little fun time with their co-workers. But they’d rather spend the fun time with their families and friends.

Make that possible by offering some additional days off around the holiday. You could scatter the days throughout the week or two surrounding the Fourth, so it doesn’t cut too much into productivity. You can also use the promise of the days off as an incentive … if production hits a certain level by the end of June, the extra days around Independence Day become available.

Providing fun activities and building social bonds can lead to increased productivity. It also helps to have the right team in the first place. For that, turn to a top-rated staffing agency, like PrideStaff. We can bring in the type of people who will help drive profitability … and who will make picnics and holiday ballpark trips that much more enjoyable.

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