LinkedIn has become a central pillar of any recruiting effort. It has particular value for targeting candidates with specific skills or refined expertise, the kind of workers that are difficult to find through a traditional job search. That makes the social media giant perfect for recruiting finance talent.

Workers in the financial sphere often require a very distinct mix of competencies. It’s also a competitive market – finding and keeping talent in the industry represents an unmistakable challenge.

The tools provided by LinkedIn help you overcome these structural obstacles. You can locate top finance candidates, people perfect for driving your business to the next level. Here are six reasons to start using LinkedIn to recruit finance talent:

A Wide Net

Don’t limit your search to your geographic area, or to a particular business niche. Finding good finance talent is difficult enough without the hampering yourself with an overly narrow search.

By using LinkedIn, you gain access to its vast user base. The platform allows you to tap into its millions of highly-skilled members, opening the door to candidates you would not be able to reach with more traditional efforts.

Target the Talent You Need

While a deep talent pool is necessary to find the perfect fit for your organization, too much volume can render a search unwieldy. A traditional employment posting draws hundreds of meaningless applications. You get contacted by people who are either underqualified or candidates lacking the kind of financial expertise you need.

LinkedIn helps you eliminate this problem. Its features allow you to target the skills and experience you need most. Quickly and easily narrow your search to the candidates most likely to take your staff to the next level.

Take Luck out of the Equation

Much of the traditional job search process comes down to dumb luck. Candidates have to be looking for a job when you are looking, and they need to stumble onto your particular post. Your talent pool comes about in part due to random coincidence.

Tapping into LinkedIn opens up the search beyond these traditional limitations. You can review potential candidates who currently have a position. This allows you to seek out perfect fits – people who don’t even know you are looking.

Streamline the Process

Typically, a recruiting effort requires a significant time lag. You post an ad, collect resumes, sort candidates, conduct interviews and finally, hire the best candidate. It can involve a significant resource investment and a long timeline.

LinkedIn provides tools that allow you to cut this down. You can streamline your search, simplifying your search and limiting the cost of finding the perfect candidate.

Part of a Wider Social Media Effort

The business world continues its migration to social media. Advertising and brand management now involves a significant investment in platforms like Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn provides a key avenue to bring that engagement to your recruitment process as well.

As such, you shouldn’t just stop your efforts at LinkedIn. Use it as a kind of gateway, opening up a new way to find finance talent. Continue your efforts on other social media platforms, using them to develop your employer brand.

Seek Out Contractors

Not every task requires a long-term commitment. You might need a particular financial skill set for a particular project or as a part-time supplant to your current staff. LinkedIn can help you here too, letting you leverage the gig economy to find experienced contractors and freelancers.

Use LinkedIn to scout contractors and freelancers. You can tap their expertise for a specific situation, or review them in a “try before you buy” strategy.

Recruiting now involves a number of different options. Integrating them all into your overall strategy can get complicated. A top-flight recruiter, like PrideStaff, can sort out the best tactics for filling your particular position, bringing you the best talent available in the most efficient way possible.

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