You know that classic breakup line, “it’s not you…it’s me.” Well, in this case, it might be you. You might be the reason the right candidates don’t apply for your open positions. Specifically, your job description might be scaring people away.

We know the feeling. The position has been open forever. You keep posting and reposting the job description, but the results are the same: mediocre resume after mediocre resume. Where are the real candidates?

The problem might start with your job description. It represents your chance to start a conversation with potential candidates. If you don’t present your company or the open position in strong enough terms, you can turn people off.

However, there are steps you can take to improve the situation. Make some small tweaks to the description and you can open up a wave of qualified applicants.

Here are three main reasons why your job description might be scaring candidates away:

Too Many Requirements

We get it. You want the best candidates. And you don’t want to wade through a pile of unimpressive resumes. So, you decide to narrow the field as much as possible.

That means setting the bar high. Since you only want the most promising candidates, you include every requirement and desirable skill you can imagine. You describe the perfect applicant.

Unfortunately, there might not be too many perfect candidates out there. By including such restrictive requirements, you are leaving out a big chunk of the qualified people.

On top of that, you are cutting off any hope that something surprising will happen. You assume you can describe the right candidate in advance. But sometimes the perfect fit emerges as part of the job search process. You might find someone with a skill set you didn’t envision at first.

Not Specific Enough

Too many requirements make the field of potential candidates too small. However, you can go too far the other way. Leave things overly vague and people get wary.

An unfocused job posting can throw up a red flag, especially for the most qualified candidates. The position seems unfocused, and they turn their attention to positions more suited to their specific skills.

Of course, combining this with the “don’t include too many requirements” rule creates an inherent tension. It makes the situation a hard one to navigate. And, in truth, it requires a Goldilocks approach. However, with a little attention to detail, it’s possible to calibrate the job posting appropriately.

You Don’t Do Enough to Sell the Position

Job descriptions don’t just exist to candidates the opportunity to apply for your job. They also provide you with the chance to sell the company.

If the job description is too dry or boring, it can give the impression that the position will not carry any excitement. Don’t fall into this trap. Craft a job description like you would a piece of marketing material. Engage the reader and get them excited by the opportunity.

Also, try to match the tone of the description to your company’s culture. You want a personality match with the candidates applying. So, try to add some personality to the writing.

Finding the right candidates for your open positions can feel like a shot in the dark. Take luck out of the equation by using a staffing firm. Partnering with a top-flight recruiter, like PrideStaff, ensures you get the perfect fit for your organization.

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