You spend hours online every day, mostly watching puppy videos and posting pictures of the meals you order at restaurants. You feel like you’re pretty good at social media. Well, like any competency, why not use it to help your career? Why not leverage your social media skills to help you find a job?

It’s a natural fit. Companies use social media to enhance their brands and sell themselves online. You can do the same thing. You can turn those hours spent posting in a productive way to boost your professional prospects.

Here are a few ways social media can help you find a job:

Get Global

Modern technology opens up the job market. The expansion of online culture allows workers to tap into broader employment opportunities than ever before. Unlike the old days, when your prospects were limited to whatever you could find on local job boards, you aren’t stuck only with the job pool in your area. You can branch out to the wider world.

Social media represents an excellent way to reach this expanded horizon. It allows you an entry into the broader online culture, letting you find opportunities and open dialogs with decision-makers.

Build Out Your Network

From the time you first entered the workforce, you’ve been getting the same advice about job hunting: networking, networking, networking. It may be cliché, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Cultivating an extensive web of professional contacts provides a massive advantage when it comes to job hunting.

Social media lets you take the process to the next level. You can meet new contacts, deepen relationships, and build industry connections. And you can accomplish all of this while sitting on your couch, bingeing Netflix.

Establish Your Bonafides

The process of getting a job involves informing prospective employers about your skills and experience. Traditionally, a resume provides the main way to accomplish this. However, the document only provides you a limited space to outline your potential value.

A social media feed gives you much more freedom to expound. Think of it as a massively enhanced resume. With each post, you can provide detail and context about your accomplishments and your developing skillset. Your feed gives you a chance to prove your value in real-time.

Become a Thought Leader

Employers don’t just want worker drones. They want contributors. They want people who will inject innovation and ingenuity into their team.

A social media feed presents an opportunity to showcase that ability. By sharing industry updates and interesting tidbits, you can highlight your engagement with the wider issues impacting your sector. You can also share your own thoughts on important topics. (We’re talking professional topics here – stay away from controversial opinions if you hope to use your social media feed to land a job.)

Conduct Research

Social media isn’t just a place to express yourself and prove your knowledge. It also gives you a platform for learning. You can follow leaders in your industry, opening up new avenues of thought. You can learn about prospective employers, and check out other people’s feeds to get an idea of what kind of competition you face for the positions you’re chasing.

You should engage every tool you can when you are looking for a job. Social media should only represent a part of your strategy. A staffing firm represents another way to jump-start your professional advancement. By partnering with a top-flight recruiter, like PrideStaff, you unlock another path to career-enhancing positions.

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