Keeping your staff happy can accelerate growth and boost productivity. It’s an important component to achieving the most efficient workplace possible.

However, it’s not always easy to keep your workers in mind. A competing set of interested parties is always vying for your concern and attention. You have to ruminate constantly about customer satisfaction. You have to worry about what investors and other managers think. These considerations often push employees to the bottom of your priority list.

This can be a mistake. It gets easier to keep customers and investors happy when you have a satisfied, productive workforce. With that in mind, here are three ways to keep your employees happy in 2020:

Improve Communications

Creating a positive work environment is the first step to fostering a happy workforce. That process starts with communication. By developing a dialogue with your team members, you keep them informed while simultaneously giving them an outlet to voice their concerns.

First, share details of the company’s strategy with your employees. This way, they feel involved in future development. Of course, not every high-level initiative can be shared with every employee. But, as much as possible, be open and honest with your workers

Second, keep communication a two-way street. Open yourself up to feedback from your employees. They will understand that their concerns are heard. At the same time, you might receive some actionable ideas in the process.

Focus on Work/Life Balance

A satisfying work-life isn’t just about work. It’s about how work fits into the bigger picture. By offering a reasonable work/life balance, you prevent burnout and you create an environment that fosters happy employees.

Consider offering more flexible schedules. It helps your employees accomplish their work priorities, while still letting them fulfill their responsibilities at home. This, in turn, will let them extract the most joy possible out of both worlds.

Meanwhile, encourage your employees to take their vacation days. This may seem counterintuitive. After all, you’re willingly giving up productive days so that your workers can have a little rest and relaxation. But, you ultimately benefit from a refreshed and satisfied workforce.

Pushing too hard can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. Avoid this by giving your employees an adequate opportunity to recharge.

Build Toward the Future

Employees want to work towards the future. They want their current efforts to build toward long-term achievement, rather than feel like they’ve settled into a career treadmill that’s not likely to go anywhere.

As such, your workers will feel happiest when they have a long-term goal in mind. Provide them with these opportunities. Spark their imagination by communicating the company’s broader vision, and integrate your team members into that mission.

At the same time, provide concrete future-facing opportunities. Give your workers a chance to learn new skills and take part in innovative projects. This will keep them engaged in their work.

Also, as much as possible, promote from within. When workers perceive that they have advancement chances within the organization, they will be encouraged to put in extra effort. This will give a boost to their job satisfaction, even in their current position.

Working to maximize your employees’ happiness helps you retain your best employees longer. However, that’s only part of the challenge of building and maintaining a top-performing team. The process starts with recruitment. By partnering with a strong staffing firm, like PrideStaff, you make it easier to find those good employees in the first place.

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