The new year. It’s traditionally considered a time of new beginnings. Spring may still be a few months off, but the start of January represents fresh horizons and the possibility of a better year ahead. But does that make the new year the right time to find a new job?

Actually, it usually does. While every company is different, and all employers have their own schedules and hiring patterns, there are some factors particular to the start of the year that favors job candidates. It’s just up to you to take advantage of the season.

So, if your job search has stalled, or you’ve been considering a change, the start of a fresh calendar might be your chance to make a move. Here are some of the factors in your favor if you’re looking for a job in the new year:

New Budgets

For most companies, the early part of the year represents the time when new budgets go into effect. Managers know how much they can spend and have a feel for what they want to accomplish over the coming year. These circumstances move hiring up on the priority list, making it a good time to get your foot in the door.

Chasing Goals

The new year not only brings a new budget. It also represents a time for setting goals. At the beginning of the year, managers have their annual targets in mind and are crafting plans to reach those benchmarks.

All these factors make managers open to new horizons, while still providing them the luxury of a relatively long timeline. They don’t have to press to hit a looming deadline, giving them some breathing room for training and experimentation.

Time for Resolutions

The new year offers you a psychological benefit as well. You can’t ignore the energy boost and renewed how that comes with new year. More than any other time, you feel ready for new beginnings and redoubled efforts to achieve your goals.

Take advantage of this (admittedly temporary) enthusiasm for change. Along with your promises to go back to the gym and cut out the Cheesecake Factory, put career advancement on your resolutions list. The new year provides an excellent motivation to update your resume and search out that fresh opportunity.

The Holidays Make for Good Networking

The holiday season is about connecting with friends and family. That makes it a perfect time for networking. It gives you an excuse to reach out to people you haven’t contacted in some time, reigniting relationships and potentially opening up opportunities that can pay off once January 1st comes along.

Ramp Up Slowly

Remember, everyone tends to get a holiday hangover. Send your resume out bright and early on January 2, and nobody is likely to see it. Use the first couple weeks of the year to update your resume and hunt down prospects. Then, around the middle of the month, you can start reaching out to potential employers.

New jobs offer the prospect of new beginnings. You can set your career on track and build a bridge to your future. Teaming with a strong recruiting partner, like PrideStaff, can accelerate these goals. You can find the ideal position for your skills and experience.

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