Your typical warehouse seems a long way from the glass offices of Silicon Valley. However, technology lives everywhere. It’s right at home in the back area of any facility. In fact, with product tracking, just-in-time inventory, and a focus on short delivery times, the warehouse has become a hive of tech innovation.

A new high-tech solution can do wonders for your business, boosting productivity and improving margins. However, the rollout can pose a challenge. You need to train your employees to implement your new toys. Otherwise, you can’t reap the benefits.

These dynamics make training a key concern. The more adept your workers get at implementing your high-tech tools, the better results you’ll see. But how do you accomplish this? How do you get the most out of your high-tech training procedures?

Here are a few steps you can take.

Start Early

As soon as you get a new hire into the warehouse, make sure they know that your organization stresses high-tech training. Ideally, the process should begin even before that. During your hiring process, emphasize technology skills as you sort through candidates. Look for experience with the latest tech, or at least a familiarity with certain key concepts. This will give you an enormous head start when it comes to training.

Teach One Lesson at a Time

Technology can be amazingly complex. However, operating any tool, no matter how complicated, typically breaks down to a series of discrete steps. Take these one at a time, making sure your employees understand each concept completely before moving on to the next lesson.

Let your workers gain experience and familiarity with basic concepts before moving on to more complex ones. If you try to introduce everything at once or push the pace of training beyond reasonable limits, it might ultimately slow down the process.

Consider Outside Experts

Both technology and the act of training can benefit from specialized skills. For that reason, you might be better off retaining an outside consultant to handle your high-tech training. They will have intimate familiarity with the technology you are trying to implement. At the same time, they can leverage well-tested training techniques. As a result, your team will earn a better understanding of the technology, and the training process itself will go faster and more smoothly.

Track Progress

Training should represent a long-term process. Don’t think of it as a single, discrete event. Instead, integrate it into your worker’s day-to-day routines.

This process should include regular checkups to make sure that your employees are operating the technology effectively. Have benchmarks in mind when you roll out a new application, so you know whether the implementation is proceeding on schedule. Meanwhile, track the progress of individual employees to better understand how each person is adapting to innovation.

Give Regular Refreshers

Part of this long-term approach to technology training involves setting aside time for regular updates. You should incorporate follow-up training into the regular work routine. Periodically, take people out of rotation at the warehouse and give them brief refresher courses on all aspects of the technology that they are using. You can also use this time to provide updates about what technology might be coming down the pipeline.

Implementing an effective high-tech training regime will help your warehouse keep up with a changing marketplace. This process gets easier when you have the right workers in place. Partnering with a high-quality staffing firm, like PrideStaff, allows you to find the kind of team members who can easily learn new skills and effectively implement any technological innovations you introduce.

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