Your recruiting efforts ultimately get judged the same way as any other activity at your company. You review the resources that go into an operation, and then compare that to what you get out of it. Simple ROI calculations.

So, as you plan the rest of your recruiting plan for the year, the question becomes: where’s the biggest bang for your buck? What recruiting investments represent the most valuable for 2020 and beyond?

Here are some of the best places to put your money as you look to upgrade your recruiting processes during the rest of the year.

Keep Going Mobile

Let’s face it: most people are essentially cyborgs at this point. Our phones have become like additional limbs, no less important to us than a hand or foot. (Some people might have to think hard if given a choice between losing a foot and never getting to use their smartphone again.)

Given this near-universal reliance in the general culture, a focus on mobile technology in your recruiting efforts can only help you engage candidates. It also lets you find the savviest and most-forward-thinking talent out there.

Just consider this stat: one survey showed that nearly nine out of ten (89%) of job seekers see a pivotal role for mobile devices during a job search. If you don’t have a robust mobile footprint as part of your recruitment process, you won’t be able to compete for top-end workers. You might as well publish job postings on the back page of newspapers.

The focus on tech doesn’t have to stop with a further reliance on mobile recruiting. You can improve your ability to find talent with other technology upgrades as well. For instance, including AI-enabled operations in your candidate-search procedures can streamline the process and lead to improved outcomes.

Focus on Your Employer Brand

Fostering an enticing brand has always been important. Traditionally, though, this idea has represented a strictly consumer-facing concept. The goal of a well-manicured reputation was to attract clients and increase sales.

However, recent years have seen an increased focus on the recruiting power of a strong brand. A sturdy employer brand lets firms leverage the ideas of brand management for the sake of recruiting. The target here is job candidates, rather than consumers.

This trend is set to continue into the 2020s. The ubiquity of social media provides an excellent outlet for content designed to burnish an employer brand. Meanwhile, a competitive labor market (especially for the most highly-skilled candidates) means that companies must take every opportunity to get noticed.

Strengthen and Leverage Your Culture

Culture and brand are inexorably tied. Think of culture as your brand turned inward. Just as building a strong employer brand helps you recruit, a dynamic and welcoming culture will allow you to retain employees and encourage teamwork.

Any investments in building your culture ultimately serve your team-building efforts. It makes it easier to recruit and retain strong talent. It also lets you turn your employees into recruiting agents, as they recommend jobs to people in their networks.

To build a recruitment-friendly culture, encourage ideas like diversity and inclusion. At the same time, find ways to trumpet the benefits of working for you. Here again, social media can play an important role. You might also consider creating a formal employee referral program.

Recruitment is all about competition. Like any other market, you have to stay ahead of all the other firms looking to hire the best talent. This means making the right investments. It also means having the right partners. By teaming with a top-ranked recruiting firm, like PrideStaff, you increase your ability to compete in the labor market.

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