The COVID outbreak has reshuffled the job market. With unemployment still inflated by the pandemic, each open position will likely receive a flood of job applicants. This will make it hard for you to get noticed. To land your dream position, you’ll have to stand out during the job-hunting surge.

But how do you accomplish this? How do you spotlight your resume amid the current crowd of job seekers?

From a tight job market earlier this year, the pandemic led to mass layoffs and furloughs. The unemployment rate skyrocketed from a level below 4% (near the lowest level in decades) to a figure just shy of 15%. Since reaching its peak in April, the jobless rate has steadily drifted lower, but it still sits around 10%.

Millions of Americans who had steady jobs in early March are searching for work now. It has led to a glut of eligible candidates, making it difficult to make your mark each time you apply.

But there are opportunities out there. Many companies are looking to get back to something resembling normal operations and are adding staff, despite the continued COVID restrictions. You just have to take steps to get their attention. Here are a few tips to remember as you try to stand out during the surge of job hunters:

Know Your Best Traits

To make a good first impression, you have to know what skills to highlight. You don’t want to bury your best traits. Instead, review what aspects of your background make you a winning job candidate and make these the basis of your pitch.

Research the Market

Putting your best foot forward requires extensive industry knowledge. How can you highlight your best traits if you don’t know what they are? Research the kinds of positions you want to obtain. From there, you can craft your resume and cover letter to fit what employers are searching for.

Target Specific Companies

When companies post job opportunities, they get inundated with resumes. The sheer volume of interest makes it hard for you to stand out. To avoid this, stray a little off the usual path—target specific companies in your industry. You might find open positions that have gone under the radar.

Boost Your Networking Game

Having an “in” at an employer makes it much easier to find a meaningful position. That advantage comes from a well-developed network of professional contacts. In the regular course of events, you should be cultivating your network, so that you have the connections you need when it’s time to find a new position. Now that you’re facing increased competition, this set of potential referrals becomes even more important.

Get Seen on Social Media

Branding is a key investment for any company. In the modern world, it’s also important for job seekers. Use social media to achieve this goal. Leverage your online presence to maximize your employee brand, opening the door to passive recruitment and making it easier to get noticed when you’re actively searching for a job.

Expand Your Skill Set

While you’re hunting for a job, continue to build your base of skills. Take classes. Learn new software. You can expand and develop your resume, even while you search for a new position. This will make you more marketable over time, allowing you to outpace the competition.

Getting noticed in a crowded labor market is difficult. It helps to have someone in your corner. A strong staffing agency, like PrideStaff, can connect you with the perfect employers.

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