With COVID complicating the economic situation for the foreseeable future, finding an accounting job could remain a tricky endeavor. Even with specialized skills, you need an extra push to find that ideal position. Sometimes a solution is hiding in plain sight: LinkedIn provides an excellent resource for active accounting job seekers.

LinkedIn has long been a core tool for hiring managers. One set of data indicated that 122 million people have received an interview using the platform. Of those, 35.5 million eventually landed the position. Meanwhile, another study showed that more than 95% of recruiters regularly tap LinkedIn to fill positions.

Beyond its broad appeal, LinkedIn has power as a niche tool as well. That’s what makes it ideal for finding the perfect accounting position. But to get the most out of the platform, you need to how to use it properly. Here’s our best LinkedIn advice for active accounting job seekers:

Make a Good First Impression

Just like meeting someone in real life, it’s crucial to make a good first impression on LinkedIn. A hiring manager can pursue your profile in a few seconds. You want to encourage them to look more closely before moving on to the next candidate.

Start with your headline. Come up with something pithy that sums up the value you’d bring to any accounting position. From there, make sure your best attributes are easy to see. You don’t want prospective employers missing out on your top qualifications.

Finally, consider your profile picture. It may seem vain to put too much thought into an image. But it’s part of making a first impression. Choose a picture that communicates both personality and professionalism.

Remember: Numbers Don’t Lie

You’re an accountant. Hard numbers are your specialty. Remember that fact while you fill in your LinkedIn profile. As you look to detail the value you’d bring an organization, tell the story in facts and figures.

After all, the way you communicate is often as important as the message you’re trying to deliver. For this reason, quantify your achievements as much as possible. It will give weight to the information you include.

Leverage LinkedIn’s Networking Power

At its heart, LinkedIn exists as a networking site. It’s meant to connect people and to help you find new opportunities. Place these goals at the center of your LinkedIn strategy.

Use the platform as a tool to build your web of contacts in the accounting world. Search out former coworkers and supervisors. Check-in on friends from school. Make as broad a footprint as possible, so you can call on these connections as you probe for your next accounting opportunity.

Customize Your URL

Part of the process of networking is making yourself memorable. Your LinkedIn URL doesn’t matter much when you’re connecting via text or email. But try giving out your profile info in a conversation. How could anyone remember a long string of random numbers?

A custom URL will help in these situations. Come up with something interesting and memorable. It will help you cement that first impression and will improve your ability to spread the word about your skills and background.

Don’t Let Your Profile Get Stale

Once you create a killer profile, don’t get lazy about maintaining it. Within a relatively short period of time, you’ll have accumulated new skills and additional experiences. However, unless you take the time to upgrade your profile, the wider world will never know about your expanding professional development.

Make upgrading your LinkedIn page a regular occurrence. Schedule routine maintenance to make sure the information posted remains up to date. That way, you’ll be ready for any accounting opportunity that comes along.

You should use every tool at your disposal to find exciting jobs in the accounting field. Along with LinkedIn, turn to a strong staffing agency, like PrideStaff, to locate the perfect opportunity.

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