Experts generally agree that a diverse workplace leads to significant concrete benefits for a company. However, in the current environment, devising and implementing new inclusion efforts may seem like a secondary concern. Still, don’t ignore these long-term goals. Even with the business challenges likely in the new year, take steps to implement improved workplace diversity projects in 2021.

It may seem like a daunting situation. Encouraging diversity can be tricky, even in the best of times. With the added burden of COVID and economic turmoil, the process gets even more overwhelming.

Don’t give up though. Unlocking the value of diversity is crucial, especially in difficult situations. Here’s how you can implement workplace diversity policies for 2021 and beyond:

Recognize the Challenge of Implementing Diversity in 2021

Going into the new year, the economic environment remains in flux. The recent surge in COVID cases has prompted a new wave of business restrictions. In drastic circumstances, it has put many companies in serious peril. These crisis-level conditions have pushed many other concerns to the back burner.

In this way, the spread of COVID has dramatically changed priorities at most businesses. Employee safety and dealing with an ever-changing regulatory landscape have become the main topics at most planning meetings. Often, a firm’s survival is at stake.

In the light of these immediate concerns, other important goals, like promoting diversity, are likely to receive less attention than they would otherwise demand. This is understandable. Still, even in turbulent times, it’s crucial to plan for the future.

2021 might seem like the wrong year to think about diversity. But, in actuality, there’s no perfect time to make important strides in that direction.

Realize the Value of Diversity…Especially in a Challenging Economic Environment

So how can you encourage diversity in troubled times? Part of the trick is recognizing the value of diversity. Don’t think of it as something extra, something that brings added value when business is booming. Rather, diversity provides strength and flexibility during challenging stretches as well.

With a diverse workforce, you have added flexibility to overcome difficult situations. You can tap into wide-ranging life experiences to come up with unexpected solutions. You also have a better understanding of varied markets and customers. As a result, you can call on additional innovation to help you weather trying times.

Promote a Welcoming Atmosphere

2020 wasn’t a very friendly year. The COVID outbreak scattered offices and sent people into quarantine. Even when seeing people in person, the pandemic forced folks to communicate through masks and through social-distancing protocols.

These precautions might be necessary. But they shouldn’t contribute to an unfriendly atmosphere at work.

In order to encourage diversity, you need to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Find ways to encourage communication and to stay connected with your employees, despite any ongoing COVID protocols. In other words, promote an inviting atmosphere. That way, you’ll develop an environment conducive to fostering diversity.

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