It felt good to finally say “goodbye” to 2020. Unfortunately, 2021 isn’t off to a much better start. All signs point to another complicated year…but that doesn’t mean you can put business on hold and wait for better circumstances. You still need to build and manage your team, which involves leveraging this year’s recruiting trends to land top talent.

Like any market, fighting for the best job candidates means keeping up with the cutting edge. You need to know what workers expect and what policies enable you to attract the most attractive prospects.

With that in mind, here are a few recruiting trends you should track in 2021 to land top talent:

Maximum Flexibility

You know that person in your yoga class who can basically turn themselves into a human pretzel? That’s the kind of flexibility you’ll need to compete as 2021 unfolds. There’s no way to predict what might happen during the year (2020 taught us that). Instead, set yourself up to react to any shifts that may occur over the coming months.

Long-Term Remote Working

Many businesses got used to working from home during the pandemic. But once the threat of the virus (finally) passes, things will go back to normal, right? Kind of. It’s just that the definition of “normal” may have shifted permanently.

Many high-demand employees have reorganized their lives around a work-from-home situation. They might not be willing (or even able) to make a sudden shift back. Be prepared to keep the remote option in place on an ongoing basis.

Continued Focus on Diversity and Corporate Culture

“Diversity” and “corporate culture” are more than buzzwords at this point. Workers want to connect with their employers. They want more than a relationship that trades time for money. Instead, they want to feel inspired and part of a larger goal.

You can create that deeper bond with your employees by further emphasizing culture in general and diversity in particular. This will help you energize your current workforce. At the same time, the approach encourages better retention rates and will make you more attractive to top job candidates.

Zoomers Are Here to Stay

You might still think of Gen Z as high schoolers and college kids, concerned mostly with the popularity of their TikTok accounts. Not so. The first wave of Zoomers (those born in the mid-to-late 1990s) are already a dynamic part of the workforce. And, with Boomers making up a dwindling segment of the labor market, some estimates suggest that Zoomers could account for almost 1 in every 4 workers already.

Any recruiting plan will need to cater to this tech-savvy, online-centered generation. This is especially true for companies attempting to hire for entry-level positions, or jobs likely to appeal to younger workers.

Perfecting a Talent Pipeline

Recruitment is becoming less of a sporadic activity, launched only when positions open up. Now, it has evolved into a constant process, a continual search for the right talent. As a result of this new emphasis, companies will likely spend much of the year perfecting their talent pipelines.

This approach dovetails perfectly with the rise of more flexible scheduling structures. Separated from the strict adherence to the 40-hour workweek, employers can experiment with candidates before making a significant commitment. This opens up many more options.

However, sustaining a talent pipeline also requires a more persistent effort. You’ll need to continually screen potential employers and maintain communication with the best of your previous applicants. You’ll also need to invest in seeking out passive talent, engaging with promising candidates on social media and elsewhere.

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