Your employees are crucial to your success. If they leave, you want to wish them well and welcome the fresh talent that arrives behind them. However, departing workers can also pose a security risk. As a result, you need a plan in place to ensure security when an employee quits.

It’s a problem that’s likely to come up quite a bit. Even great companies suffer turnover.

Many times, you know your departing workers well. They’ve been with you for years and you have complete trust in them. However, that isn’t always the story.

After all, one survey found that 30% of workers have left a job within the first three months. These short-term employees will likely have little loyalty for you.

Even your longer-term workers might accidentally create a security problem. Without knowing it, they can spark a data leak or carelessly handle sensitive information after they leave.

It’s up to you to protect your business. Here are a few tips to ensure security when an employee quits:

Have an Exit Plan

Don’t wait until it’s time for an employee to leave before you consider what to do. That’s a recipe for trouble. Instead, create a detailed exit plan that you can apply when a team member decides to quit.

With a pre-set program, you won’t have to scramble during a sensitive time. Having clear policies also ensures that you don’t forget key steps.

Change Passwords and Retrieve Keys

Limiting access is a crucial security measure. This includes both data and your physical offices. As soon as possible, change any relevant passwords and get back keys and key cards.

Cut Off Access to Work Email and Databases

Your employees often provide your connection with the outside world. Once an employee leaves, you don’t want any confusion about whether they still represent you. Immediately cut off access to company emails and social media accounts.

Similarly, secure your sensitive information. Don’t let former employees linger in your database, where they could conceivably gather proprietary information.

Get Work Equipment Back

Don’t forget about company property. During their tenure, your employee may have acquired some of your equipment — things like laptops or cell phones. You’ll want these valuable items back.

Retrieving this equipment doesn’t just save you money. You also further protect your company’s data and reputation by getting back whatever is stored on those devices.

Create Redundancy Plans Ahead of Time

Don’t just think about digital and physical security. Also, consider the integrity of your business.

Your departing employee presumably filled a valuable role at the company. How will you fill that hole? You can’t afford to have your customers notice the absence.

For every worker, ensure that you have a backup plan in place. That way, a hasty departure doesn’t sidetrack your business. You can continue as if nothing has changed.

Departing workers can create turmoil. With the right policies in place, you can protect your security and maintain a smooth operation.

Still, you’ll also need to replace those departing employees. Pridestaff can help. You’ll find the perfect staff member for your organization.

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