Everyone knows networking is essential to building a career. This is even more true for C-Suite positions, where the hiring process almost always comes down to relationships.  For these high-level executive positions, networking becomes the golden ticket.

Managing professional connections is important at every level of the corporate hierarchy. A study conducted by LinkedIn showed that eight in 10 professionals consider it important to career success. (Who knows what that other 20% are doing…)

This becomes even more pronounced at the highest levels of leadership. Other forms of recruitment — like posting job ads — don’t apply to this situation. That mostly leaves your web of contacts as your main conduit to better opportunities.

So how do you make the most of your connections? Here’s how to make networking your golden ticket to C-Level positions:

Get Background Research

Before you reach out to any of your contacts, learn as much as you can about the situation. Know what kind of job you want to land and what value you can bring to a company. Get conversant with all the current talking points and develop specific views about industry issues.

Target Your Networking Efforts

With your background research complete, you’ll be better able to focus your networking attack. Use a concentric circle approach. Have a highly targeted goal to start. Then, work your way to less appealing objectives as that becomes necessary.

Strategically Reach Out to Your Contacts

Once you’ve settled on a plan of attack, you can begin leveraging your network. Selectively reach out to your contacts, focusing on the people who can best help you execute your strategy.

You can also use your network during the research phase. Talk to people within the industry to learn as much as possible. This will also soften the ground for your more targeted push later on.

Find Favors You Can Do

Don’t forget that networking represents a two-way street. Just because you’re looking for a position doesn’t mean you can’t still help others in your web of contacts. Look for ways to help people. Not only is it the right thing to do, but the goodwill you generate could also contribute to your own job-search efforts.

Keep Building Your Network

You can keep adding to your web of contacts even while you search for a job. In fact, this is a crucial part of the process. Even if you don’t have a position right now, seek out new people. Make new connections and expand your network.

Develop an Executive Brand

You shouldn’t have to work for every addition to your contact list. People should also find you.

Create an executive brand. That way, you make yourself available for passive offers. At the same time, you can build an audience that will help you boost your reputation.

Develop your brand through:

  • Social media
  • Speaking engagements
  • Consulting gigs
  • Attending industry conferences
  • Thought leadership

Use a Recruiter

A recruiter acts as a network amplifier. You plug into another web of connections, letting you consider opportunities you might have access to otherwise.

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