With about 800 million members worldwide, LinkedIn represents a crucial hub for any job search. As part of this, you’ll find plenty of opportunity in the accounting field, with hundreds of thousands of positions listed.

However, you can’t just cover your eyes and click. Finding the perfect accounting position comes with challenges, even with a powerful resource liked LinkedIn. To take on the task, you’ll need effort and strategy. You need to know the right steps to maximize your chances.

With that in mind, here are some tips to find an accounting job you’ll love on LinkedIn:

Make a Killer Profile

For many accounting positions, your profile will act as your introduction to a potential employer. That’s true even if you first made contact through other means, like an online application or a connection in your network. In those circumstances, the company will likely head to your LinkedIn page to determine whether to proceed with recruiting you.

As such, you should build the strongest profile possible. To acheive this, include all the experience and skills that you can. At the same time, leverage all of LinkedIn’s tools to put your best foot forward.

Use the LinkedIn Job Section

You can find jobs directly on LinkedIn. A simple search will allow you discover employers hiring accountants with your background and in the geographical area you prefer. You can apply directly, conduct research, and make connections. With this tool, you’ll significantly boost your chances of finding the perfect position.

Enhance Your Networking

LinkedIn was made to facilitate networking. As such, it pioneered the idea of combining the power of a social network with the age-old process of making professional connections. As a result, the platform offers a crucial tool for career development. It allows you to make contacts and to look for opportunities.

However, remember not to overdo your networking push. A scattershot approach has a tendency to alienate potential allies. Rather, make a plan for continual network expansion. However, don’t resort to spamming tactics.

Leverage LinkedIn for Networking 2.0

The value of a social media platform comes in part from applying digital tools to old-fashioned networking.  You can go beyond the limitations of a traditional approach. As such, you can use the tools on LinkedIn to expand your efforts to make connections and to develop your career.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Extend Your Network: Make connections on LinkedIn to keep building on your web of professional contacts.
  • Build Up Endorsements and Recommendations: Fast-track the reference process by using LinkedIn’s ability to add endorsements and recommendations.
  • Join LinkedIn Groups: As with attending industry conferences or belonging to professional organizations, you can accelerate your networking with groups on LinkedIn.
  • Target Specific Firms: Don’t wait for employers to find you. Select companies you admire and use LinkedIn as a resource to learn more about them.

Go Beyond LinkedIn

As we’ve laid out, LinkedIn offers a central tool as you look for your ideal accounting job. However, don’t limit yourself to a single platform. The site should represents a key component of an multi-vectored approach to career development.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn can enhance and expand efforts in other areas. For instance, building a profile on the platform will assist your efforts in crafting the perfect resume. Meanwhile, your traditional networking efforts will feed into and branch off of your LinkedIn-centered endeavors.

Along with LinkedIn, use other means to drive your accounting career forward. This can include:

  • Traditional online searches
  • Traditional networking
  • Other social media platforms (including ones not focused on professional development, like Twitter and Facebook)
  • Staffing agencies

If you’re ready to move beyond what’s available on platforms like LinkedIn, turn to a top staffing agency, like PrideStaff. You’ll get access to more potential job openings and receive the support of expert job-placement professionals.

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