A tight labor market means you need to use every tool to find and recruit the best talent. There are lots of strategies that can improve your ability to attract top employees. That said, one factor can single-handedly push your hiring efforts to the next level: effective employer branding.

In the modern economy, marketing has become a key part of every aspect of business. As such, recruitment and branding have converged, making it necessary to consider your reputation with candidates and employees.

The statistics tell the story. One study found that 75% of active job seekers report increased interest in applying for positions at firms that actively manage their employer brand. Meanwhile, a bad perception can turn away high-value candidates. A separate data set showed that 67% of men and 86% of women would avoid companies with sketchy reputations.

Given these figures, it’s clear how a strong brand can help your recruiting efforts. Here are some of the specific benefits you’ll receive from upgrading your reputation, as well as steps you can take to change this one aspect of your recruitment process, enhancing your ability to attract more talent:

The Benefits of a Strong Employer Brand

An investment in employer branding can have outsized impact on recruiting. This happens because the strategy offers several improvements at once. Here are some of the benefits you receive from a well-run campaign:

More Applicants

As we’ve seen, a bad reputation will make high-value candidates skip applying for your open jobs. By maintaining a strong brand, you avoid losing these potential superstar employees. At the same time, becoming a well-respected employer will spark interest from some candidates without you even having to advertise. They will seek you out.

Easier to Hire

You make contact with an ideal candidate. After a detailed hiring process, you decide to make an offer. What goes into their decision whether to accept or reject the position?

Employer brand plays a key role. Even with a competitive salary and good benefits, top recruits will want to know that working for you will provide a good experience. A stellar reputation for taking care of employees will help close the deal.

Increased Enthusiasm

Even after your new hire has accepted the role, a strong employee brand offers benefits. They will go into their new position with added excitement, knowing they are joining a first-rate operation. This will help with onboarding and training, as well as build a strong foundation for a long relationship.

Better Retention

The steps you take to build a strong employer brand will also help you keep your top talent. Every incremental improvement you make will provide benefits for your current staff. Meanwhile, a good reputation will make your employees proud to be part of your organization — a crucial basis for long-term team building.

How to Improve Your Employer Brand

Now that you understand why a strong employer brand is so important, it’s time to look at ways to encourage a stellar reputation. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Build a Great Culture: An inclusive, innovative, nurturing, and high-performance culture will drive your reputation within the industry and beyond.
  • Conduct Exit Interviews: Gather the data you need to make improvements to your employer brand. Departing employees represent a major source of information.
  • Foster Relationships with Former Employees: Increase your chances of getting strong reviews by keeping good relations with your one-time team members.
  • Get the Word Out: Any brand requires a marketing effort. Use resources like social media, your website, and news outlets to raise awareness of the value you provide as an employer.

A high-value employer brand will let you attract the best talent. A top recruiter, like PrideStaff, can also help. You’ll find the perfect candidates for each of your open positions.

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