Finding an executive that fits into your organization can involve a grueling effort. One study found that it can take up to two months just to make a shortlist of candidates, with a final decision likely happening more than three months after the search was launched. It’s a complicated process.

However, this level of scrutiny is necessary to fill crucial executive positions. Your job is to conduct a thorough, successful process as quickly as possible. But what does that involve?

The key is to break the intricate task of running an executive talent search into manageable chunks, while making sure each step gets completed in an efficient manner. With that in mind, here’s what an executive talent search should look like:

Create a Search Team

The quality of the decision you make in hiring your new executive will ultimately come down to the people you put in charge of making that choice. A strong search team will be better positioned to locate strong candidates. As such, your first step should involve gathering the optimal group of leaders tasked with filling the vacant role.

This effort comes with some built-in challenges. Even determining the size of the search team can be fraught. Too big and the process becomes unwieldy. Too small and you might not have a sufficient number of voices in the room. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you create your search team:

  • Define Roles Clearly
  • Build a Diverse Team
  • Provide Adequate Resources to Conduct the Search
  • Assign Support Staff, as Needed
  • Set Reasonable Timelines
  • Document Progress
  • Conduct Regular Reviews

Research the Market and Your Options

Once you have your decision-making body in place, you need to arm them with the information they need to conduct their search. That means getting a broad view of the current circumstances. Invest in thorough research, so you have a in-depth understanding of the market.

Consider Internal Candidates

The perfect fit for your executive position might already receive a paycheck from you. Internal candidates offer significant benefits. Ideally, you’ve cultivated a solid bench of talent — now might present the perfect time to call one of your top performers to the big show.

Determine Your Ideal Hire

Before you talk to any candidates or even begin gathering a long list of possibilities, think about the type of individual you want to hire. List the technical qualities they need and the experience that would best fit the situation.

At the same time, think about the skill set that most suits the role. Do you need a strong leader? A personality that will resonate with customers? A meticulous technician who can fine-tune your operations? Knowing the traits you most require will help you target your search.

Use Networking Skills to Find Candidates

Once you’re ready to begin your search, have members of your search team reach out to their networks. The perfect candidate might be waiting to be discovered. Meanwhile, recommendations and suggestions from knowledgeable contacts can streamline your search.

Target Specific Executives

Don’t be afraid to recruit. Your ideal candidate might not be sitting at home waiting for your job to become available. Rather, consider getting aggressive if you have particular executives in mind for the role.

Partner with an Executive Placement Firm

Professional guidance can help you maximize your executive talent search. By partnering with a top recruiter, like PrideStaff, you fast-track the process of finding your next superstar leader. You open yourself up to the best candidates, while simultaneously availing yourself of indispensable industry knowledge.

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