How Might a Staffing Vendor Reduce Your Time to Hire?

A sense of excitement accompanies the process of hiring. Your spirits rise as you anticipate the possibilities of a new superstar joining your team. But first, the harsh realities: you have to trudge through the frustrating process of actually hiring someone, putting projects on hold and making due with a short-handed staff in the meantime.

It is possible to minimize the impact of this drudgery. By engaging with a staffing vendor, you reduce your time to hire and improve your overall recruiting outcomes. Here’s how it works:

How a Staffing Vendor Can Help During the Hiring Process

Companies face broad variance in their times to hire, based on particular industries and the specific circumstances prevailing in the labor market. That said, the average time points to weeks of searching – long-term data show employers should expect somewhere between 20 to 30 days.

A recruiter helps optimize your hiring process. This kind of partnership operates on multiple fronts at once. To better understand the benefits you’ll receive, here’s how a staffing vendor reduces your time to hire:

Ongoing Recruiting

Each time you run a hiring process, you begin certain tasks from scratch. You gather resumes, review candidates, sort them into tiers, schedule interviews, and make decisions about who to target for job offers. Each step takes time, rolling the overall procedure into a multi-week affair.

A staffing company cuts this time by doing much of the grunt work ahead of time. When you contact your recruiter, they have already gathered and processed the resumes. Because the firm is constantly recruiting, you might have the perfect candidate waiting for you immediately.

Dedicated Hiring Focus

To expand your staff, you need to divert your managers’ attention. Even with an HR department for help (which many smaller companies don’t have), individual supervisors break off their regular duties to participate in the hiring process.

This dynamic often leads to scheduling complications and delayed steps along the way. A staffing firm reduces this commitment. By taking on much of the burden onto themselves, hiring vendors benefit from a full-time focus on recruiting.

Streamlined Process

Think about a professional chef. Consider how quickly they can prepare a gourmet meal. Now remember the last time you tried to make a new recipe — recall the hours you put into the project and just how messy your kitchen ended up.

Recruiting carries a similar dynamic. By engaging a professional, you ensure a streamlined process. A staffing vendor can find the right candidate faster and better than you can on your own.

Benefits of Reduced Hiring Timeline

Slashing the amount of time necessary to find the ideal employees represents a benefit in itself. However, this windfall also spills over into other areas. Here are some of the other upsides you’ll experience by letting a staffing vendor reduce your hiring timeline:

  • Reduced Costs: The streamlined process cuts down on all the resources needed to find the right candidates. Along with shortening timelines, a staffing vendor also reduces the costs involved.
  • More Responsive to Market Changes: By trimming the length of time needed to find top-level talent, you become more responsive to the market environment. Pounce on opportunities by staffing up quickly.
  • Staffing Levels Remain Optimal: Don’t let the Great Resignation hold you back. If you lose a key team member, you can replace them quickly with a staffing vendor.
  • Less Disruption: Your business can remain on track, even as you find additional team members. No more need to put other projects on hold to run a time-consuming hiring process.

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