How Can You Better Set Yourself Up for a Successful Monday?

Busy executives don’t wrap up work at 5 pm on Friday. The weekends provide a respite from the fast-paced schedule that drives the rest of your workdays. But you’ve always got success on your mind — the weekends offer an additional chance to push in that direction.

One study found that most executives keep working through the weekend. Besides the nearly 10 hours a day devoted to their careers Monday through Friday, business leaders also conducted nearly a quarter (21%) of their work on the weekend. However, Saturday and Sunday offer more than just additional hours to complete lingering tasks.

You have the opportunity to leverage the special qualities that come with the weekend to set yourself up for even more success on Monday. Here’s how:

Grapple With Last Week

Your week likely flashes by in a blur of activity. In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to get a glimpse of the larger picture.

Luckily, things tend to slow down over the weekend. You have a chance to pause and review the events of the previous week and get your bearings. This will help you track the status of your current projects and make informed decisions about the best path forward.

Create an Attack Plan for Next Week

Once you’ve reviewed the previous week, it’s time to look ahead. What do you want to accomplish by the end of next Friday? Set your objectives for the week and make an action plan for how to accomplish them.

Expand Your Skills

Learning should represent a career-long commitment. Unfortunately, further education often falls down your priority list in the heat of hectic workday schedule. However, the weekend gives you a little slower pace — the perfect time to enhance your knowledge base and expand your skill set.

Build Your Network

The weekend gives you a chance to socialize. As we’ll note later, this doesn’t always have to revolve around career opportunities. But it doesn’t hurt to combine business with pleasure either.

Build time in your weekend schedule to develop your network. Connect with professional contacts and look for opportunities to form new ones. Come Monday, these connections could open the door for career advancement.

Think About Your Long-Term Future

It’s easy to get focused on your day-to-day challenges. This nearsightedness can limit your career prospects by blinding you to potential opportunities. The weekend offers you a chance to reflect on your broader ambitions. Take time to consider where you are in your professional development and whether you need to readjust your trajectory to unlock your full potential.

Enjoy Your Friends and Family

Not everything on the weekend has to revolve around work. Get too focused on your career and you’ll miss some of the other joys that life has to offer. Each weekend, make time for the other things that matter: friends, family and the hobbies that make you happy.

Catch Up On Sleep

Don’t forget to rest. The weekends give you a chance to get more casual about your schedule. Indulge this opportunity. Sleep in a little and rest up for the upcoming week. This will let you recharge and face Monday’s challenge at the peak of your powers.

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