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Businesses of all sizes are facing a major labor problem. Long-term demographic trends have led to a shortage of qualified candidates, creating a condition that has become known as the sansdemic. A tighter labor market will make recruiting and team-building more difficult in the years to come.

As a large business, you have many advantages compared to your smaller competitors. These should give you an edge in the tight labor market caused by the sansdemic. You should be able to rely on trump cards like:

  • Dedicated HR staff
  • More resources
  • Higher brand profile

However, these favorable aspects are counteracted by some drawbacks. As we’ll detail, large companies also suffer bureaucratic holdups. A complex hiring process can cause you to miss out on strong talent.

Meanwhile, you can easily fall behind current hiring trends because your intricate organization lacks flexibility. For instance, while remote work remains popular among job candidates, many large-scale employers are pushing for a return to the office. While this might be necessary for efficient operations, it can alienate some workers.

At the same time, size itself can become a stumbling block. Large companies often need to make bulk hiring pushes. When you need to fill thousands of positions, the process becomes difficult in a tight labor market. A startup might need to find a handful of employees to drive significant growth. You are working on a much different scale.

As the sansdemic deepens, your job is to leverage your advantages and minimize the flaws that often accompany a sizable operation. With that in mind, here are some tips for large companies to overcome the sansdemic:

Streamline Your Hiring Process

As a large operation, you likely have multiple layers to your hiring process. Each open position comes with a direct supervisor, along with additional management levels that might need to weigh in. Meanwhile, the HR team will play a large role in the effort.

As a result of this complexity, the decision-making procedures can become cumbersome. It might take a long time to make a final selection, with the choice requiring multiple approvals before an offer is finally sent. This could open the door for candidates with other opportunities to move on before you have a chance to make your final pitch.

In a tight labor market, you don’t have time for such a slow, bulky set of procedures. Look for ways to streamline the process. This way, you can jump on talent as it becomes available.

Invest in Retention and Upskilling

Major league baseball teams have long had a model based on the farm system. Most newly drafted prospects start their careers in the minor leagues, honing their skills and preparing for an opportunity to make The Show.

Sometimes an organization might splurge on an expensive free agent, diving into the market for already-established performers. But, for the most part, the team dedicates resources to development and shows patience with their potential future stars, letting them build their skills over time.

As a large business, you have the opportunity to use a similar strategy with your team-building. Rather than relying on the job market to provide qualified candidates for your open positions, you can look to prospects already on your payroll. You can bring in entry-level job seekers and develop them over the course of a career.

This takes investment and a long-term vision. To get the most out of this approach, dedicate resources to retention and upskilling. Take chances on raw candidates and create programs that will allow them to blossom.

Get Creative About Recruitment

Traditional modes of finding candidates might come up short during the sansdemic. A lack of overall talent means you need to apply innovative techniques to find the talent required to keep your organization humming.

Keep your current recruiting effort in place. However, realize that you might need to complement these with additional strategies. These can include things like:

  • Continuous recruiting
  • Using niche job sites
  • Employee referrals
  • Social media recruiting

At the same time, become more flexible about your recruitment efforts. Different candidates might respond to different possibilities. If you can customize your approach, including individualizing your eventual job offers, you can optimize each opportunity. This will give you the best chance possible to land each targeted candidate.

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