Improve Your Candidate Experience to Avoid Sansdemic Issues PrideStaff Bend

During a sansdemic, there aren’t enough skilled professionals to go around, leading to hiring challenges. Fortunately, you can position your company as an employer of choice by improving your candidate experience. In turn, the strategy could make sansdemic-related problems less troublesome.

If you want to improve your candidate experience to avoid sansdemic issues, here are some tips.

Highlight Your Culture

Today’s candidates are far more concerned with company culture, favoring supportive and inclusive employers over others. As a result, many job seekers actively research a company’s culture before applying, and they’ll bypass opportunities if they don’t think an organization can meet their expectations.

Spend time highlighting your company culture on social media. Discuss various initiatives and discuss team-building efforts. Showcase exceptional employees and publish testimonials from workers describing the workplace and the organization’s mindset regarding its workforce. Give candidates an inside look at the environment, including amenities that provide them with value. By doing so, your workplace is more appealing.

Audit Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand often serves as a first impression with candidates. As a result, ensuring the messaging reflects well on the company and aligns with reality is essential. A lack of alignment typically leads to issues, as new hires usually notice quickly if there’s a disconnect once they start working. Additionally, it can generate negative word-of-mouth.

Spend time auditing your employer brand to see if any claims match the employee experience. Further, make sure everything is cohesive with your company’s values, as that makes a better impression.

Simplify Candidate Intake

When searching for jobs or applying to open positions at your company is cumbersome, many candidates will choose not to finish their applications. Similarly, if the interview phases or other screening steps are lengthy or burdensome, candidate dropout rates rise.

Work to simplify the candidate intake process as much as possible. Limit the application process to genuine necessities, eliminating time-consuming tasks like essay questions or requiring both a resume and an application. Limit the number of interviews as much as possible, and schedule the necessary ones relatively close together. Handle screening steps simultaneously when possible to shorten the timeline, too, as that can boost engagement.

Focus On Communication

When it comes to candidate engagement, communication matters. Make sure job seekers understand your planned timeline, and touch base with them regularly to alert them to changes or inform them that the process is progressing. Personalize the messages whenever possible, as that strategy is more impactful than relying solely on automated ones. Additionally, if candidates reach out with questions, respond quickly, as that shows you value their participation and are willing to support them during the journey.

Demonstrate Your Competitiveness

When you want to connect with top talent, show that what your company brings to the table meets or exceeds what’s available elsewhere. Publish salary ranges and outline benefits packages. Additionally, make sure that pay rates and the benefits offered fall within candidate expectations.

Along with competitive salaries, benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, PTO, and professional development are essential. Flexible scheduling, parental leave, and student debt assistance are also wise additions, helping your company stand out.

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Partnering with a staffing company can help your company enhance its candidate experience by offering a streamlined approach that works well for job seekers and organizations alike. If you need to attract and secure top talent quickly, PrideStaff Bend wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

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