COVID-19’s Effect On the Sansdemic PrideStaff Bend

During the pandemic, layoffs were pervasive, as many companies had little choice but to shut their doors or adjust operations during shelter-in-place orders and similar restrictions. Additionally, many professionals had to leave positions for other reasons, such as to take care of their children when schools went remote and childcare facilities closed.

As the pandemic waned and restrictions were lifted, many employers assumed that all – or at least the majority – of the people who were unemployed due to the pandemic would return to the workforce. However, that isn’t what occurred.

Ultimately, the pandemic had a dramatic impact on the ongoing sansdemic.

Here’s a closer look at COVID-19’s effect on the sansdemic, why it remains an issue, and how you can navigate it to recruit successfully.

COVID-19’s Effect on the Sansdemic

Technically, the country was battling against a sansdemic before the pandemic began. Unemployment was low, and companies regularly struggled to secure the talent they needed, particularly when it came to in-demand skill sets.

However, COVID-19 led to a greater reduction in the labor force. Not everyone who was employed before the pandemic decided to continue working even as the situation calmed. A portion of the workforce chose to retire earlier than they initially planned, taking a significant amount of expertise out of the labor force. Some who left positions to care for family members during facility closers decided to continue that work. For those who caught COVID-19 and developed long-COVID, the associated fatigue and other symptoms may make working impractical, if not impossible.

Additionally, the pandemic changed many people’s attitudes about work. The Great Resignation and quiet quitting were both situations that arose due to a shift in mindset that prioritized health, safety, and work-life balance.

Some of the economic situations that arose during COVID-19 and due to factors like inflation and rising housing prices have also caused an increase in young adults experiencing a failure to launch. As a result, the youngest working generation isn’t joining the labor force at the same rate, further limiting access to talent.

Ultimately, while COVID-19 didn’t cause the sansdemic, it effectively accelerated it, and the situation it’s created isn’t likely to end quickly.

Finding Talent During the Sansdemic

While companies have functionally no control over the sansdemic itself, how they navigate it is in their hands. If you’re struggling to find talent during the sansdemic, adjusting your approach to recruitment and workforce management are both essential.

By offering benefits and perks that address the concerns and priorities of professionals, it’s far easier to attract strong candidates. Remote work arrangements, flexible schedules, robust healthcare benefits with mental health components, wellness programs, and similar options all speak to the needs of today’s professionals. As a result, offering them can increase your odds of being viewed as an employer of choice, which can simplify recruitment and retention.

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Additionally, partnering with a recruitment firm can dramatically deepen your talent pool, giving you access to a wide array of vetted candidates seeking out opportunities. If you need hiring assistance due to the sansdemic, PrideStaff Bend wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

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