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Today, many companies are facing unprecedented workforce challenges. Finding skilled candidates is increasingly difficult, and once job seekers are brought on board, some aren’t performing in the way that employers hoped. As a result, many company leaders are beginning to wonder if there are simply no hard workers anymore.

Are There Really No More Hard Workers?

Employers generally assume that hard workers aren’t around anymore for a few reasons. First, some companies are seeing high turnover rates among the newly hired. The cause of the phenomenon can vary. In some cases, it’s a lack of right-fit candidates, causing companies to select new hires that aren’t perfect fits for the roles or cultures. When that occurs, the employees may fail to flourish, leading to frustration that causes them to quit.

Another potential cause of new hire turnover is the challenges created by being short-staffed. Incoming employees may want to work but aren’t prepared for situations like significant mandatory overtime. As a result, they may functionally burn out quickly due to the surprising amount of pressure they face once hired.

Second, there’s greater resistance to going above and beyond at work, a shift in mindset referred to as quiet quitting. Quiet quitting essentially serves as a counterpoint to the hustle culture seen in years past. However, the issue is that many companies still have expectations related to the hustle mindset, creating a disconnect.

Since fewer professionals are adopting a hustle mindset – often because they feel that attitude went unrewarded in the past – companies are viewing the mental shift as an unwillingness to work hard. Essentially, employees are meeting spoken expectations but aren’t meeting the unspoken ones.

Essentially, while companies facing hiring or productivity challenges may believe there aren’t any hard workers anymore, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are employees that take pride in what they do, and they’re open to pushing the boundaries of their job description to spur growth, acquire new skills, and excel in their workplaces. However, finding them is becoming increasingly challenging.

Why Is Finding Hard Workers So Difficult?

There are several factors that make finding hard workers challenging in today’s climate. First, unemployment remains incredibly low. As of March 2023, the US unemployment rate was 3.5 percent, so there’s currently limited supply when it comes to available labor. Couple that with lower workforce participation rates, and there are generally far more jobs available than people to fill them, a situation that’s been dubbed a sansdemic.

The sansdemic is caused by multiple factors. While part of the situation is related to young adults remaining at home – a scenario that can reduce financial pressures and can reduce the need for a job – that’s only one part of the equation. As mentioned above, attitudes about work are shifting.

Plus, professionals are in a situation where they aren’t required to remain in a job that doesn’t feel like a fit. Essentially, if a position isn’t meeting their expectations, they may have little trouble finding something new. That means they don’t necessarily have to go above and beyond to find solid employment, reducing the motivation to do so.

Fortunately, it’s possible to counteract many of these issues. By having an exceptional culture, solid wages, comprehensive benefits, and reasonable expectations, employers can position themselves as employers of choice, easing recruitment and retention challenges. Plus, by widening their talent pool by partnering with a staffing company, finding top talent that will flourish in their roles is easier.

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