3 Retention Tips to Keep Top Talent During the Sansdemic PrideStaff Bend

Today, employers are dealing with hiring challenges related to the sansdemic.

Essentially, the existing labor force can’t meet the demand for talent, and the situation isn’t likely to improve in the foreseeable future. As a result, companies shouldn’t just focus on recruitment; they also need to prioritize retention.

Retention is particularly critical during a sansdemic, as it can help ensure top talent remains on board long-term. In turn, it limits the need for recruitment, as less turnover means fewer vacancies. Fortunately, specific strategies work well for reducing turnover.

Here are three retention tips to keep top talent during the sansdemic:

1. Improve the Onboarding Experience

A company’s onboarding program needs to do more than ensure that new hires complete mandatory paperwork. Often, onboarding is the candidate’s initial experience with the company, so it should set them up for success, familiarize them with the environment, and make them feel welcome and supported. Additionally, a high degree of engagement is critical, as dull or tedious onboarding doesn’t leave a positive impression.

Ideally, any of the broad, mandatory components – like paperwork completion or required safety training – should be succinct and standardized, ensuring those critical areas are handled correctly every time. The rest of the experience should focus on what new hires need to know on day one to start on the path toward success.

Workplace tours, discussions of expectations, and a review of how their responsibilities will ramp up and how their duties align with organizational goals and priorities are all helpful components of onboarding.

Just make sure to also facilitate critical introductions, allowing incoming employees to start forging bonds with colleagues quickly.

2. Offer Ongoing Training and Development

When you want to retain top talent, offering growth opportunities is essential. Most professionals have career aspirations beyond their current role. By providing access to ongoing training and development, you’re giving them the tools to continue advancing.

Plus, training and development are beneficial to the organization. By targeting the correct capabilities, companies can close skill gaps and expand the abilities of employees or entire teams. In turn, they can leverage the newly-acquired capabilities to embrace new technologies, support innovation, and streamline operations, making it a win-win.

3. Prioritize Management Engagement

While ensuring employees are engaged is a shared priority among company leaders, prioritizing management engagement is also vital. Managers need to keep the lines of communication open, sharing relevant news and providing feedback regularly to keep workers informed and to manage their performance.

Additionally, managers should make sure that they’re living embodiments of the company’s values. By creating a sense of alignment and serving as an example, employees know how they should act and where priorities lie, making them more engaged and effective.

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Ultimately, retention is critical during a sansdemic, so it’s wise to adopt techniques like those outlined above. If you need to fill vacancies and would like to partner with a recruitment firm to find suitable candidates efficiently and affordably, PrideStaff Bend wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

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