Tips for Connecting with Millennial and Gen Z Workers to Overcome Sansdemic Issues

Companies continue to battle against the talent shortage that’s led to the current sansdemic. Since there aren’t enough workers to go around, finding ways to connect with Millennial and Gen Z talent is increasingly critical. Fortunately, reaching them isn’t as complicated as it appears.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Embrace Their Communication Preferences

Millennials and Gen Z professionals have distinct preferences when it comes to communication. Emails and phone calls have broadly fallen out of favor, as they’re often viewed as more cumbersome. Plus, with the plethora of spam calls and emails that many people receive in a day, simply identifying which calls or emails are legitimate can prove challenging.

Instead, most younger professionals favor alternatives like text messaging and messenger apps. They allow for quick communication with a suitable back-and-forth feel but aren’t as inconvenient to take during a busy day as a phone call. Plus, Millennials and Gen Z members are highly comfortable with these platforms, and that sense of familiarity combined with convenience makes them the preferred option.

During recruitment, offer a broad selection of communication options to candidates by allowing them to note their preferences when submitting applications. Then, use what they prefer first, as that will increase your odds of connecting quickly.

Cultivate a Standout Employer Brand Online

Today’s candidates – particularly members of younger generations – are practically guaranteed to research potential employers online during the hiring process. For many, an unflattering or non-existent digital footprint makes a difference, often causing them to turn away from a company’s opportunities. Since that’s the case, cultivating a standout employer brand online is genuinely essential for recruitment success.

Spend time developing your company’s online presence in several ways. Update your website, particularly the careers page, to speak to prospective candidates. Get on social media platforms that younger professionals frequent and use them to showcase your company culture, employee value proposition, and other aspects of your employer brand. That allows you to generate an enticing digital footprint.

Showcase Critical Aspects of Your Culture

A company’s culture can be a make or break for Millennial and Gen Z job seekers, so it’s critical to put your organization’s culture on display. Dedicate social media posts to intriguing aspects of your environment or benefits that are available to employees, such as training, remote work options, and schedule flexibility. Also, highlight any community contributions or programs that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as those are potentially priorities among younger professionals.

Offer Development Opportunities

Most Millennial and Gen Z workers have decades of working years ahead of them, and they have aspirations far beyond their next role. By offering development opportunities, a company shows not only that it’s willing to support their growth and development but it’s open to directly investing in their futures. In turn, companies that offer such options are more likely to be viewed as an employer of choice, making it easier to connect with younger professionals.

Partner with a Recruitment Firm Like PrideStaff Bend

Professional recruiters are adept at engaging with professionals of all ages, including Millennials and Gen Z. Additionally, they remain on top of emerging trends and shifting candidate expectations, and they can help client companies stay ahead of the competition in the world of recruitment.

Ultimately, connecting with top Millennial and Gen Z talent can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you need to fill open jobs efficiently, PrideStaff Bend wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

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