From Retirement to Rehire: Tapping into the Experience of Retirees in the Sansdemic Era PrideStaff Bend

Currently, companies are struggling to secure the talent they need, and the situation isn’t likely to resolve any time soon. Operating during a sansdemic – a period when the workforce isn’t sizeable enough to meet the demand for talent – makes finding candidates and retaining employees challenging. As a result, employers need to explore recruitment alternatives that may be outside of their typical process, such as rehiring retirees.

Rehiring retirees not only increases a company’s access to talent; it also provides extra benefits. Here’s a look at why tapping into the experience of retirees in the sansdemic era is worthwhile and how to attract these candidates.

The Benefits of Rehiring Retirees

A Wealth of Experience and Knowledge

Generally, retirees bring a wealth of experience to the table. Many spent decades in their selected niche, and they often evolved as their fields changed over time. As a result, they’re not just familiar with foundational processes; they’re also usually reasonably current when it comes to workplace technologies used in their niche.

When you explore rehiring retirees, the candidates also possess ample institutional knowledge. They’re highly familiar with your environment and systems, so any learning curve associated with bringing them back up to speed is often manageable.

Strong Work Ethics

Retirees are typically from generations with exceptionally strong work ethics. Additionally, there’s a tendency toward employer loyalty. In turn, it’s often easy to count on returning retirees, as they’re highly punctual, accountable, and dedicated.

In some cases, their degree of commitment can also benefit your company culture. Effectively, they may serve as an example to other employees who are newer to the workforce, giving them insights into how to approach a professional workplace and shaping their behavior.

Well-Developed Skill Sets

Rehiring retirees means you’re exploring candidates with well-developed skill sets. As mentioned above, most retirees have decades of relevant experience, and they’ve cultivated an array of skills during their career journey. Those who’ve recently retired are often familiar with newer advances in your industry, allowing them to make quick use of available tools. However, since they began their careers without these solutions, they’re also capable of handling tasks without advanced technologies, something that can prove valuable if you use legacy methods in your current operations.

Mentorship Potential

When you rehire retirees, you’re also bringing in potential mentors who can guide younger employees. The rehired retirees can pass down their skills, knowledge, and hard-earned wisdom, increasing the effectiveness of their mentees. Plus, this creates opportunities for ongoing knowledge transfers, ensuring their expertise doesn’t disappear from the organization should they choose to fully retire.

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Ultimately, rehiring retirees is beneficial for all of the reasons above. As a result, it’s a recruitment method worth considering, particularly during a sansdemic. If you’d like to learn more or want to partner with a recruitment agency to fill vacant positions efficiently, PrideStaff Bend wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with a recruitment specialist and learn more about our services today.

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