How Improving Job Postings Can Help With Hiring in the Sansdemic PrideStaff Bend

The current sansdemic has created hiring challenges in nearly every industry. Employers are discovering that there simply isn’t enough talent to go around, leading to recruitment and retention difficulties. As a result, companies need to go the extra mile when attracting talent. Otherwise, employers may fail to separate themselves from competitors and secure the applicants they need.

Here’s a look at how improving job postings can boost hiring in the sansdemic, as well as how to improve job postings to attract more talent.

During a sansdemic, it’s effectively a candidates’ market. Job seekers have options when looking for new opportunities. In turn, they become far more discerning about the openings they choose to apply for and are quick to bypass positions when the job posting fails to meet their expectations.

In many cases, the job postings of the recent past weren’t designed with candidate needs and preferences in mind. Instead, companies simply outlined the requirements and responsibilities associated with the role and expected job seekers to try and impress them with their applications. In the current landscape, that doesn’t work. If an organization doesn’t present a compelling employer value proposition, then candidates move on to other openings.

By improving job postings, employers can ensure that top talent doesn’t overlook their employment opportunities. Essentially, the vacancy announcements will be designed as enticingly as possible, ensuring candidates know what they have to gain by pursuing the position. In turn, it’s far easier to secure applicants, making candidates more accessible during the sansdemic.

How to Improve Job Postings to Attract Talent During the Sansdemic:

Create Clear, Concise Job Descriptions

When describing the position, make sure the description is clear and concise. Be precise about the responsibilities and qualifications associated with the role, using bullet points to make the content readable. Keep must-have skills to a minimum, focusing solely on those that are necessary on day one. Outline any relevant expectations as well.

Embrace Pay Transparency

Pay transparency benefits candidates and employers alike. For job seekers, it allows them to determine whether the presented compensation meets their expectations, making it easier for them to find suitable openings. For employers, it means that those who apply are likely comfortable with the presented range, increasing the odds that a selected candidate will accept a job offer when one is presented.

Showcase Company Culture and Values

Today, candidates prefer opportunities with companies with missions and values that align with their perspectives and preferences. Additionally, they favor environments that provide them with the needed level of support. By showcasing your company’s culture and values, it’s far easier for candidates to determine if there’s alignment. As a result, you’ll receive more applicants, and those who apply are typically highly likely to match your company’s environment.

Use Data-Driven Keywords and SEO Best Practices

Data-driven keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices increase the visibility of your job openings. Candidates typically conduct searches based on keywords that align with their expertise. By including those terms in your descriptions, job seekers will find your job ads with greater ease, leading to more qualified applicants.

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