The Long-Term Impact of the Sansdemic on Bend, OR Businesses

During a sansdemic like the one that’s occurring, companies in nearly any industry typically struggle to secure the talent they need to maintain a right-sized workforce. The existing situation is the product of a variety of conditions.

Older workers retired in droves during the pandemic, with many choosing never to return to the workforce. Some women also exited the workforce during the pandemic to care for children when schools and daycares closed. However, accessing suitable – and affordable – childcare in the years since proved difficult, causing many mothers to remain out of the workforce.

Of course, low unemployment is a clear reason why finding suitable talent is tricky. There’s also been a shift in expectations within the labor market. Professionals understand that they may have more options when it comes to employment than in years past, so they bypass opportunities that don’t offer them what they’re confident they can find elsewhere.

Currently, pervasive labor shortages are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, and the long-term ramifications of the sansdemic are becoming more apparent.

Here’s a look at the impact of the sansdemic on Bend, OR, businesses, as well as how strategic partnerships can make overcoming the sansdemic easier.

The Long-Term Impact of the Sansdemic on Bend, OR Businesses

The immediate impact of a sansdemic is typically abundantly clear. Companies struggle to find and retain workers across the majority of industries, and hiring timelines often get extended due to a lack of qualified candidates. In turn, productivity declines occur, and recovering from them becomes exceedingly challenging.

Long-term impacts aren’t always as clear, at least not initially. When a company is short-staffed for an extended period, morale declines, and company cultures suffer. Typically, that’s due to higher amounts of stress, as employees often need to shoulder larger workloads to compensate for short-handed teams.

When productivity is lower for a long time, customer sentiment can shift. The inability to access goods or services within a reasonable timeframe can drive customers to competitors. Couple that with the customer service declines that frequently occur when short-staffed teams are overburdened, and the customer experience shifts downward, leading to more lost business.

In many cases, these shifts in the workplace harm the overall environment. As a result, turnover often becomes more problematic as employees look for alternatives to the high-stress environment being short-staffed creates. Then, as the company’s reputation as an employer suffers, recruitment becomes increasingly difficult, making a challenging situation even harder to navigate.

Overcoming the Sansdemic Through Strategic Partnerships

At this time, the sansdemic is expected to remain an issue for the foreseeable future. Companies can’t rely on a shift in the labor market to address the challenges they’re experiencing. Instead, forming strategic partnerships that increase access to talent is a must, giving employers a pathway toward solving their workforce issues.

At PrideStaff Bend, we understand the difficulties local employers face. Additionally, we work diligently to maintain a robust talent pipeline, ensuring our clients can effectively connect with right-fit candidates quickly and efficiently.

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