Investing in Local Talent: Building a Sustainable Workforce for Bend's Future PrideStaff Bend

For most companies, cultivating a capable, reliable, and, ultimately, sustainable workforce is a top priority. When handled correctly, the right strategies can alleviate a significant number of recruitment-related challenges. Plus, it can create opportunities to design a workforce that meets the organization’s unique needs, building a pipeline that can serve them well for years to come.

One of the key steps employers need to take to create a sustainable workforce in Bend, OR, is to invest in local talent. If you’re wondering why focusing on local candidates is wise and what you can do to cultivate a capable workforce, here’s what you need to know.

The Challenges of Recruiting Outside of Your Area

When companies need to fill vacancies, many assume that casting a wide net – from a location perspective – isn’t a horrible idea. After all, there may be qualified candidates in other parts of the state or country that could prove to be valuable assets.

However, for Bend, OR, companies, hiring that broadly comes with challenges. Many candidates aren’t able to move without relocation benefits, such as assistance with moving expenses. Generally, that’s because establishing a household in a new city is surprisingly expensive. If your company isn’t willing to assist with relocation costs, then much of the talent you find may not be as viable as it seemed.

Additionally, the current housing market in Bend, OR, creates its own unique challenges. Home prices are high, particularly when compared to the national average. Similarly, the price of rentals outpaces many other cities in the country. In turn, some potential candidates may find the idea of moving to the area from a lower-cost region far less appealing once they understand the cost of living.

How to Build a Sustainable Workforce in Bend, OR

Building a sustainable workforce requires strategy, but it’s not as challenging as it seems. First, it’s critical to support the growth of your existing employees. Consider how each worker on your team could harness their experience in higher-level positions. Then, create professional development opportunities that prepare them for the next role up the ladder. By doing so, you ultimately have a form of a succession plan, which makes handling long-term needs easier. Plus, this approach boosts loyalty and engagement, which leads to higher retention and an enhanced employer brand.

Second, focus recruitment efforts on local candidates in Bend, OR. By doing so, you can speak to their unique needs, making your opportunities more compelling than if you aimed for a broader target. Also, showcase your efforts to support your workforce’s growth and advancement, as that aspect of your culture can serve as a differentiator.

Finally, partner with a local staffing firm to access more talent. Along with tapping into an established candidate pool brimming with vetted candidates, you’ll get support from recruiters who genuinely understand the local market. In the end, those insights are exceptionally valuable, as they can help you position your company as an employer of choice in Bend, OR.

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