The Sansdemic and Employee Burnout: Supporting Your Team in Bend, OR

As a result of the sansdemic, many companies are struggling to meet productivity targets. After all, the labor shortage means many organizations aren’t fully staffed. In turn, reaching production goals becomes challenging.

Unfortunately, failing to navigate these difficulties comes with an unintentional consequence: higher rates of employee burnout.

When workers burn out, a hard situation becomes worse. Engagement falls, leading to reduced productivity and higher error rates. Additionally, turnover often rises, exacerbating existing workforce challenges.

Ultimately, understanding why the sansdemic leads to situations that increase employee burnout is a must. Similarly, knowing how to properly navigate the sansdemic and support your employees to avoid burnout is critical. If you want to help your team in Bend, OR, effectively, here’s what you need to know.

How the Sansdemic Impacts Employee Burnout

During a sansdemic, companies struggle to secure the talent they need to fill their vacant positions. As a result, vacancies remain far longer than they would in more favorable conditions, and existing employees usually have to take on more to make up for teams being shorthanded.

While occasionally placing more on the shoulders of your current workforce isn’t always problematic, lengthy periods of heavy workloads, mandatory overtime, and similar efforts to hit productivity targets lead to higher stress. As frustration and stress build, employees will struggle, and many will begin burning out.

As more employees burn out, the situation grows more dire. Their productivity and work quality dip, and errors become more common. That not only makes hitting objectives harder, but it can also accelerate turnover, creating a cycle that’s hard to escape.

Preventing Employee Burnout During the Sansdemic

As an employer, there are many things you can do to reduce employee burnout during the sansdemic. Providing benefits that support your workforce is a critical part of the equation. Flexible schedules and remote work can both improve work-life balance, which often reduces the likelihood of burnout. Additional paid time off is another outstanding option, as it gives employees more opportunities to rest and recharge without worrying about reductions in their paychecks.

Offering comprehensive medical coverage that includes mental health benefits is also wise. That ensures employees who need support in that area can access professionals without unnecessarily high out-of-pocket costs. Other wellness benefits like mediation apps, access to health counselors, or similar options are also worth exploring.

Finally, don’t overlook the benefits of partnering with a staffing firm. Along with providing more access to top talent – as well as streamlined recruitment processes that can accelerate hiring – they have flexible hiring solutions available. You can right-size your workforce when demand increases, secure short-term employees to cover absences, and more. Along with making it easier to fill vacancies, that can reduce the need for overtime, making burnout among your existing workforce less likely.

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