How PrideStaff Bend Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly critical for organizational success. At PrideStaff Bend, we work diligently to help bridge the gap between local employers and job seekers, allowing companies to develop the engaged, dynamic workforces they need while candidates secure the utmost job satisfaction.

Supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives not only aligns with our agency’s values but also allows organizations and job seekers to get the best possible hiring and career results. That’s why PrideStaff Bend actively champions diversity and inclusion in the workplace and works to break down barriers to create top-quality environments.

Our team delivers results by using reliable strategies that support diversity and inclusion. Here’s a closer look at how PrideStaff Bend advocates for diversity and inclusion during the hiring process.

Recruiting Strategies That Attract Diverse Candidates

Many employers focus on a select few resources for sourcing candidates for open positions. While options like major job boards can help organizations connect with talent, relying on the same ones dramatically limits a company’s talent pool. Job seekers with different backgrounds and from different generations don’t turn to the same options when looking for opportunities. As a result, many employers don’t meet candidates where they are, causing them to miss out on exceptional talent.

At PrideStaff Bend, we embrace an array of recruitment strategies designed to attract and engage diverse candidates. Our candidate sourcing process uses numerous different channels, allowing us to connect with job seekers with a variety of backgrounds more easily. Additionally, we are active within the broader community, allowing us to forge strong relationships with organizations that support the needs of a diverse city. In turn, these approaches help us develop a highly diverse talent database, giving our client companies access to a critical resource that makes meeting diversity goals simpler.

Inclusive Hiring Practices Designed to Offer the Optimal Experience

A company’s recruitment and hiring practices play a big role in the diversity and inclusion equation. The language used in job descriptions or the questions asked during interviews provide candidates with impressions of the organization’s values, and small mistakes can harm inclusivity, driving top talent away.

The team at PrideStaff Bend uses reliable strategies designed to ensure our agency’s hiring practices are highly inclusive. We create vacancy announcements using language that connects with the broadest array of candidates. Additionally, we ensure our entire process is accessible and fair to job seekers from all walks of life.

Ultimately, at PrideStaff Bend, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. That’s why our agency developed practices designed to welcome and support candidates with any background. With our approach, we’re able to create a diverse talent pool that client companies can leverage to find the talent they need, which makes it easier for them to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals, too.

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