Understanding Temporary Employment: A Comprehensive Guide for Bend's Job Seekers PrideStaff Bend

During a job search, many candidates assume that considering temporary positions or temp-to-hire jobs isn’t the best move strategically. However, temp and temp-to-hire opportunities have a surprising amount to offer. At times, these positions may even help job seekers overcome job search challenges, allowing them to secure gainful employment quickly and efficiently.

By understanding what temporary and temp-to-hire jobs are and what they have to offer, it’s easier to see why including them in a job search is wise. Here’s a closer look at temp positions.

How Temporary Employment Works

Temporary employment is a type of job that’s inherently short-term in nature. Roles may last for a single day, a few weeks, or several months, depending on an employer’s needs. Once the assignment or project is finished, temp workers are released by the company, allowing them to move on to other opportunities.

Temp-to-hire positions are slightly different. After first accepting the position, new hires typically remain on a staffing firm’s payroll for several months. During that time, the employer gets to evaluate the worker as they perform the duties associated with the role. Additionally, the new hire can get a feel for the workplace and position, allowing them to determine if it’s a solid long-term fit. Once that initial period is complete, if both employer and worker agree it’s a match, the company can extend a permanent job offer, allowing the temp to become an employee on the company’s payroll.

The Benefits of Temporary Jobs

When many people think about temporary jobs, they typically focus on the potential challenges. The primary point that often raises concern is that a temp position isn’t long-term. While this can be true with temporary jobs, some do transition into long-term roles with a company. Additionally, temp-to-hire positions are designed to become permanent after the initial trial period.

Temporary jobs also bring a lot to the table. Often, companies hire for temp positions quickly, allowing candidates to secure paid employment faster. Additionally, hiring requirements may be less stringent, which can make them ideal options for anyone new to the workforce or looking to shift into a different field.

While in a temporary job, there are also ample opportunities to acquire new skills. Plus, temp workers get to meet a wide variety of other professionals, so they can expand their networks with ease. Finally, a temp role is an excellent way to determine whether a particular company or career is ultimately a good fit before pursuing permanent opportunities.

How PrideStaff Bend Helps Temporary Workers Succeed

At PrideStaff Bend, our team aims to make temporary employment easy for job seekers to navigate. We partner with some of the area’s leading employers, allowing our candidates to access more opportunities. Additionally, we aim to make sure that transitions from one temp job to the next are as seamless and smooth as possible, allowing professionals who want continuous employment to achieve that goal.

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