Make Sure You Answer These Four Questions Before Negotiating Your Salary


Getting ready for a salary negotiation can be nerve-wracking. Unless you’ve got the Wolf of Wall Streetgene, which will allow you to walk instantly into any situation ready to sell, the whole concept of negotiation might strike you as completely foreign. Our whole lives, we’re taught to stay humble, don’t talk about money and avoid… Read more »

These Accounting and Finance Certifications Can Help Boost Your Career


The sheer number of certifications available to accounting and finance professionals can be dizzying. After a while, it may seem like alphabet soup, just with too many c’s. However, choosing the wrong path can have consequences. Obtaining each certification requires a massive investment of time and effort. Picking the wrong one won’t necessarily hurt you,… Read more »

5 Long-Term Benefits to Partnering With a Staffing Firm


PrideStaff Bend

It’s no secret you need specialists for some parts of your business. When you need to get your taxes done, you hire an accountant. When you need to get a contract written, you hire a lawyer. Yet, you’re still doing all your company’s hiring yourself. That’s a shame. There are several benefits to partnering with… Read more »