PrideStaff Live: Winning the Talent Wars


At PrideStaff, we’re always looking for new ways to help you overcome your toughest business challenges. Through our Innovations LIVE webinar series, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading experts to tackle your biggest HR, recruiting and talent management issues. Our next free Innovations LIVE webinar, “Winning the Talent Wars,” is coming up on Wednesday,… Read more »

The Frightening Misconceptions About Working With a Staffing Agency


Turning to a staffing agency often represents a job seeker’s last resort. They hold out as long as they can. They run through all the dead ends and disappointments; then, in desperation, turn to a professional to help them find a position. Why do they wait so long? Usually, it’s the result of some misconceptions…. Read more »

The Biotech Job Market Is Booming, and so Are These Industry Trends


PrideStaff Bend

Year after year, biotech represents one of the biggest growth markets. This plays out in many different contexts: media coverage, corporate investment and (most important for us) job opportunities. It makes sense the sector continues to draw attention. More and more money is being spent on health care, and biotech represents the leading edge of… Read more »