What To Do When All Your Manufacturing Workers Request Off For The Holidays


The holidays are coming. Along with the traditional seasonal pressures of picking out the perfect present for your spouse and dealing with distant relatives with unorthodox political views, this time of year comes with a lot of business stress. For managers, this includes holiday schedules. Everyone wants time off. And they all want the same… Read more »

4 Simple Tactics to Make Sure Your Candidate is a Good Fit


PrideStaff Bend

You spend a lot of time and money on recruitment. So why does it seem like such a hit-or-miss proposition? After weeks of sifting through resumes, conducting interviews and gathering opinions from various departments, you still end up with someone ill-suited to your corporate goals. Now, you have a tough decision: Settle for a less-than-perfect… Read more »

Ready To Focus On Employee Retention? Here are 3 Ways Without Spending A Dime


A riddle: what’s the one thing you can lose in business that’s worse than losing money? Answer: good employees. First, you’ve lost a trusted and reliable employee. Second, you’ve lost all the effort that went into that employee – the training and mentorship – which is now going to help some other business grow. Finally,… Read more »