Do I Really Need to Submit a Cover Letter?


Studies show that HR executives only glance at your application for a mere six seconds on average. Given this situation, do you really need to submit a cover letter? Can you be confident that anyone will ever even read it? Look, we get it. Job applications are often frustrating and time-consuming. You want to take… Read more »

Make Your Job Search Smarter with These Essential Tips


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Don’t work harder…work smarter. You hear the expression all the time. It’s good professional advice, and you can put it into action even before you land a position. By running a smarter job search, you increase your chances of finding a meaningful, career-building opportunity. Job searches quickly become tedious slogs. You end up just sending… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts Of Your Finance Job Search


By now, you’ve probably read about 1,000 articles meant to maximize your job search prospects. You might think there are no more hacks to keep in mind. But there are points aimed at finance positions that require more emphasis. The world of finance comes with its own unique combination of rules. It’s more formal than… Read more »